Safety meeting includes Bowlen, Foxworth

Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen and cornerback Domonique Foxworth were among the league personnel that participated in a meeting that addressed many issues, including player safety off the field.

Bowlen and Foxworth were at the heart of the discussion about safety, given their relationship with Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams, who was shot and killed in the early morning hours on Jan. 1.

The four-hour meeting happened in Indianapolis during the combine.

"It was not a focus on what happened in Denver at all, but that might have prompted the meeting, because we talked about how we can better educate players," Bowlen said.

Bowlen said at Williams' funeral that the NFL had to make sure younger players were educated so a similar tragedy didn't happen. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell called the meeting, which included a panel of about 10 players and included Carolina's Steve Smith, Atlanta's DeAngelo Hall and former Washington safety Troy Vincent, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, union head Gene Upshaw and NFL vice president of player and employee development Mike Haynes.

Many issues were discussed, including player safety on the field and player conduct off the field, but the player safety issue hit home with Foxworth. Foxworth and Williams were good friends, and Foxworth will take Williams' starting position at right cornerback.

"Definitely what happened to Darrent was a tragedy, but you want to bring something positive out of it," Foxworth said.

The group brainstormed creative ideas to get players' attention when it came to educating them on all issues, and expanding the rookie symposium or having smaller symposium-style meetings with players was discussed.

"This was about how we better educate our players and how they should conduct their lives," Bowlen said. "We got a bunch of players in there who had good opinions on how we can do that."

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