Plummer Trade Back On (maybe)

The Jake Plummer saga took a new twist Saturday morning - reports of his retirement may have been premature.

The Denver Broncos quest to trade Jake Plummer took a strange turn Saturday morning with the announcement that the team had struck yet another deal with Tampa Bay, sending the ten-year veteran to the Bucs in exchange for a sixth round draft pick in 2008.

Denver attempted a similar deal on Friday but Plummer nixed the trade, opting for retirement instead of having to compete for a starting job with current Tampa Bay quarterback Chris Simms. Despite repeated efforts on Friday by head coach Jon Gruden to convince Plummer to reconsider and accept the trade, Plummer held firm in his decision to call it quits.

That decision appears to have been short-lived. Early Saturday both Tampa Bay and Denver released official announcements confirming that a deal had been struck.

The ironic part is the fact that Tampa Bay also acquired quarterback Jeff Garcia from the Eagles and now hold rights to three potential starters, leaving Plummer to battle both Garcia and Simms for the starting slot.

Details are still sketchy and it's unclear whether or not Plummer was aware of the Garcia signing before he agreed to the trade, but a press conference has been scheduled within the next two hours that will hopefully clear up matters.

In addition to the Plummer trade, Denver has agreed to send their 2007 sixth-round pick to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for defensive tackle Dan Wilkinson, a 14-year veteran who was the No. 1 overall selection in the 1994 NFL Draft.

Stay tuned to for all the latest rumors and trade information throughout the day.

Michael John Schon has covered the National Football League and the Denver Broncos for the past ten years. As a member of the Pro Football Writers Association he has published and syndicated columns to both newspapers and magazines throughout the United States and Canada. His syndicated radio broadcast: "Schon Live" airs weekly on various radio stations around the country.

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