Broncos pick up two more Free Agents

The Denver Broncos once again turned to the Cleveland Browns to bolster their defensive line. In addition, the team has signed former Colts receiver Brandon Stokley to a one-year deal. Check out the full story...

Broncos has confirmed that the team has signed former Indianapolis Colts receiver Brandon Stokley to a one-year deal. Although terms of the deal were not disclosed, it is said to be significantly above the league salary minimum, probably in the neighborhood of $1 million for the year including incentives.

Stokley, who is coming off a torn achilles tendon, is considered to be one of the league's top inside-slot receivers, bringing in 199 catches for 2,829-yards and 22 touchdowns over his eight-year career.

Additionally, the team turned to the Cleveland Browns for another defensive pickup, coming to terms with defensive tackle Alvin McKinley on a four-year deal.

This marks the eighth Cleveland Brown player signed by Mike Shanahan over the past two years.

McKinley's signing comes on the heels of Courtney Brown's release, and it also provides a backup should defensive lineman Dan Wilkinson, whom the Broncos picked up from Miami last week, decides to retire.

Wilkinson has been missing in action since the Dolphins and Broncos agreed to the trade. Inside sources believe that the thirteen-year veteran will more than likely call it quits rather than relocate at this stage of his career.

The Broncos have set a March 30th. deadline for Wilkinson to report or the trade will be considered void.

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