Shanahan talks about Jarvis Moss

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan speaks to the media about No. 1 draft choice defensive end Jarvis Moss.

Opening statement

"We had three guys that we felt very comfortable taking with the 21st pick, and two of those guys were gone when we decided to trade up. We feel very good about Jarvis, and we think he can add some steam to our defense with his size, wingspan and speed. I think he will be a great addition to what we will be doing."

About the intelligence used to trade up for Moss

"You never know. Sometimes, you just have to wait and guess. Coming in, we had a game plan that included three guys and we were hoping that two of those guys were going to be there and we would be able to get both of them. You never know what is going to happen on draft day. When (University of Tennessee DT) Justin Harrell went to Green Bay, that is when we stepped up and decided to make a move to get the guy that we wanted and the guy that was worthy of our first pick."

On how long it took to work out a deal with Jacksonville

"We had talked to them earlier in the week and talked about the possibility of our guy still being there, the possibility of a trade, and they said they would. You talk to a lot of people before the draft and some people are willing to entertain and some are not."

On trade discussions with the Jaguars

"The talk was very generic. It all depends on how bad you want somebody or how many draft picks you are willing to give up. We thought it was good for both teams and hopefully we've got the guy that can put some pressure on that quarterback for years to come."

On what he likes most about Moss' game

"The guy has speed and he is just under 6-foot-6 1/2. With the type of speed, he has you have the opportunity to put pressure on the quarterback and he has been very consistent doing that. In his first two years, he had staph infections and wasn't able to get in the shape he wanted to be in. He corrected that and played extremely well in his junior year. We think there is a big upside here. I really think that if he would have played another year, he would have been a top six or seven pick in the draft. I am pleased with the improvements he has made over the last year."

On Moss' weight

"I am not worried about his weight. I had Charles Haley in San Francisco, and he was around 230 pounds. Jason Taylor is not playing too bad and he is about 235. Weight is not the key. You have to have the speed and quickness."

On how Moss fits into the Broncos' defensive scheme

"Any time you go to a different scheme, it is going to take some time. You can teach scheme, but you can't teach the ability to rush the passer."

On draft day surprises

"Usually, in the first 15 to 20 picks, it is pretty close. The opinions come in within the following 20 picks. Usually, most of the defensive players are gone in the first day. Over the years, you have been able to get valuable offensive players in the later rounds. That has been my experience over the years."

On Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn falling in the first round of the draft.

"I really am surprised, and I think everyone is. Once you pass that first eight or nine or even nine and 10, you know there is going to be a fall."

On Moss? suspension at Florida

?We checked it out thoroughly and there is no problem there."

On possibly starting as a rookie in Denver

"You know that he can help you on third-down situations and second-and-longs. I think the question is, "Can he play the run?" And that will determine how much playing time he gets. We like the way he played at Florida with the run and the pass, and hopefully he can add some depth to our football team."

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