Marcus Thomas Press Conference

Picked in the fourth round by the Denver Broncos, defensive tackle Marcus Thomas had a lot of questions to answer about his dismissal from the Florida team and his thoughts about playing for the Broncos.

On being drafted by the Broncos

"I was happy, very happy. I learned my lesson, and I have waited long enough for them to come and get me. They are giving me a chance, and I am happy for that."

On how he made a good impression on the Broncos

?I did everything that I could to sell myself to the team and the coaches. I took drug test weekly. I showed up and talked to coach one-on-one and showed him that I am a good guy and that I haven't been in any trouble. I have never been arrested or been in any trouble with the law. The marijuana situation my senior year is a thing of the past, and I have learned my lessons from that. Coach told me that he believes in second chances and that he was going to give me my chance."

On leaving Florida's football team

"I failed my initial drug test and they put me on a contract where I had a seven o'clock curfew and I couldn't go out of town, I had to go home. I tried to find myself during that time and I did it for a month. After I got to feeling good about myself, everything was going well and I was playing good so I thought that it wasn't a big deal to break the contract I signed. I then went out of town and it violated my contract and they kicked me off the team."

On where he watched the national championship game

"Actually I was in Gainesville at one of my friends' house. It hurt to watch everyone out there. I thought about all the practice and hard work we went through together as a team, and it hurts to think that I missed out on that. I was really mad at myself that I let my team down and my coaches down."

On getting a second chance

"When I talked about it, it was like going to court every day. Denver and Tennessee were the only two teams that were going to give me a second chance. I talked to the coaches at Denver, and they told me that they would be willing to give me a second chance. I made a good story out of it, and now I am trying to live happily ever after."

On getting an opportunity to play with the Broncos

?I just feel like I am already on 2.9 strikes. This is my second chance and I felt like all of that partying I was doing was in college and now I am mature. Now I am just ready to play ball and I don't want to have anyone take that away from me again."

On DE Jarvis Moss calling him the best player on the Gators

"Talent wise, I feel like I am the best defensive tackle that came in the draft. I know that in my heart, but I put myself in a situation where I went out and forked out a lot of money not knowing whether or not I was going to be able to play because of my off-the-field issue. I am just happy that they gave me the opportunity. I really don?t deserve anything but I am going to take advantage of it."

On what has changed about him

"My eyes are open now. Before, I was always looking down. Everything is going well and I know that if I keep playing football everything will be good. Football is not going to last forever, so I need to take advantage of the time I have to play. I pretty much just stopped hanging around bad people that were bad influences on me."

On his talent

"I take on all schemes and I stop the run. When it comes to the pass rush, I give a really good push up the middle. I do whatever it takes to win a ring. I missed out on the national championship, and I don't want to miss out on a Super Bowl."

On staying focused

"I took the game for granted, thinking that no one would be able to take the game away from me. I felt like everything happens for a reason. Who knows, if everything would have played out I may have been the number three pick in the draft. I am really happy now, and my mind is focused. I just want to show people that my past issues are behind me."

On his willingness to give up his signing bonus to play

?That's how serious I am and it is not a problem. I just want to get out there on that field and play. I am going to get out there with Jarvis Moss and Gerard Warren, that is going to be fun. My agent knows it is not a problem. He is also my high school coach."

On how he has changed his life

"I've been going to church and keeping my faith in God; Everything is working out for me. It is not that big of a deal to me anymore. When I look back at everything that went down, I realize it was immature. I just want to be out there and be able to play the best game in the world."

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