Jarvis Moss Press Conference

The first round pick of the Denver Broncos, defensive end Jarvis Moss from Florida, met the press at Dove Valley and answered questions about his former teammate Marcus Thomas as well as his own future in the NFL.

On Florida DT Marcus Thomas being drafted by the Broncos

"I almost broke down again. I'd just landed here in Denver when one of my DT's called me and told me Marcus was coming to Denver with me. Another blessing, someone that close to me."

On Marcus Thomas' off-the-field issues

"We went on to do some special things without Marcus. As a friend and a teammate, I was constantly trying to support him while he was going through some hard times."

On Marcus Thomas' talent

"Hands down Marcus was the best football player on our National Championship football team this year. Just a great football player. Differently a top-10 (pick) in my eyes. Without his issues, I believe he is top five or 10 this year. For somebody his size, he can run well. He?s a powerful man. He has it all."

On the staph infections he battled at Florida "It was tough. It was a time of my life that was really rough. My infection almost took football from me. But now I'm sitting up here in front of you guys. I credit my coaches in Florida for sticking with me, treating me like family and getting me the attention that I needed to rejuvenate my football career."

On not knowing the reason for not being able to keep on weight

"It was mysterious to not know what was going on with me. It was scary. Everything happens for a reason we got the problem pinpointed and fixed. I'm here now and as healthy as ever."

On the wait on draft day before Denver selected him

"I was excited. You can't be picky when you?re going in the first round, you just can?t be picky with teams. I'm excited that Denver actually chose me. It's a great place with a lot of tradition, a winning program. That's where I wanted to be, with a winning team. Coach Shanahan is going to be a Hall of Fame coach one day. They've got great players and made a lot of moves in the off season. Hopefully, me and the rest of the rookies can come in, make and impact and help this organization as much as we can."

On the Broncos drafting him

"They way they picked me says a lot. Obviously, they needed help rushing the pass. I want to come in and be their guy here in Denver, I really do. In a few weeks after today, we?ll get to work and be working out and getting ready for mini-camps."

On the level of competition in the SEC

"It's really fast and competitive. They?ve got great players in the Southeastern Conference at every position. You have to really bring your "A" game. I was just telling the guys how hard Vanderbilt and the Kentucky's play. It's just really hard."

On his grandfather passing away

"That was hard. I was unhealthy and then my Grandpa passed away. He was my crutch. I got great support from my friends and coaches at UF. I made it through all the adversity, that made yesterday even that much sweeter."

On what part of his habits and work ethic will help him transition to the NFL

"Being a student of the game. My coaches at Florida really taught me how to watch film and break down players, all that kind of stuff. I love watching film it's something I really enjoy doing."

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