Tim Crowder Press Conference

Defensive end Tim Crowder was picked in the second round (#56) by the Denver Broncos. The former University of Texas player was in Denver on Sunday and held a press conference.

On finding out Denver drafted him

"It was a long wait, but when I finally got the call from a weird area code, I looked it up and it was Colorado so I knew it had to be the Broncos. I talked to Coach Shanahan and the line coach, and they asked me how it felt to be a Denver Bronco and that they wanted to do a lot of things with me up here."

On how he feels about coming to a winning team like the Broncos

"It's a great thing. I'm used to winning. I?ve only lost like six or seven games in my whole career at Texas. I'm used to winning and hate to lose. I don't care how good a game I had if we didn't win, that throws off everything. I'm competitive every day. And like I said, I like that they (Denver) recruit winners and have winning attitudes."

On what he brings to the table as a defensive end

"I think I'm kind of like a complete end. I can play the run. I have speed, size and I take pride in pushing everybody and I work hard."

On if he's had a chance to talk to any of his future teammates

"I got a chance to talk to (draft choices) Jarvis (Moss) and Ryan (Harris), and like I said, those guys are great guys. I can't wait to be out on the practice field with them."

On wearing his national championship ring to press conference

"I wear it on special occasions. I haven't worn it since we won the national championship. I wear it on special occasions, and this is definitely a special occasion and it means a lot to me."

On the comparison of national championship rings with Jarvis Moss (Florida)

"The difference between mine and Jarvis' is that mine says undefeated."

On his personality

"I'm quiet, but I also like to have fun and keep everybody laughing. Everybody always talks about the country swing I have when I talk. I?m a grown farm raised Texas boy. Hopefully that will bring a lot to the table."

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