Ryan Harris Press Conference

The third pick of the Denver Broncos, offensive tackle Ryan Harris from Notre Dame, met the press at Dove Valley and answered questions about the draft, blocking skills and his future with the Broncos.

On when he heard from the Broncos

"I was on my way to Dairy Queen, actually. The third round is a long time after the longest first round and second round. I was like, 'I've got to take a walk.' I was walking to Dairy Queen down the street and I got a phone call and I turned around and walked right back to my house. I came inside and said, 'I'm a Denver Bronco'."

On if he got the burger he wanted at Dairy Queen

"No, I actually was going to get a Blizzard. But I?ll get one when I get back."

On how he fits into Denver's scheme

"Perfect. Perfect. I've watched NFL football since even before I can remember, and Denver's always a team I've liked. Especially because at college, I've always watched the Broncos and I felt like it would be the perfect fit for me and I really feel it was for what I do offensively."

On what he does offensively

"I'm more athletic than guys that may be 330 pounds. I'm versatile. I can play guard or tackle. I can give some depth at positions. I've got speed and coming from a pro scheme that works, too, and I'm intelligent with that."

On if it hurt him that Denver draft picks Jarvis Moss (Florida) and Tim Crowder (Texas) have championship rings

"Yes. I need to get a ring, so with these guys here we can make a run at a Super Bowl for Denver."

On being a part of the Broncos

"You watch for so long, and now you're a teammate. They took us through the locker room and you see some of the names in there and those are guys that I am going to know on a first-name basis. It's really exciting."

On what kind of blocking scheme he played in at Notre Dame

"Everything. Coach (Charlie) Weis has every scheme you could imagine. We did a lot of man-on-man blocking, end zone blocking. Very similar to what Denver does here."

On what his visit to Denver has been like and what he is getting out of the day

"I'm enjoying the experience. It's incredibly humbling to be here and in a place that I feel like I fit so perfectly. Also keeping in mind that I have a lot to prove still. It's great to come here and see the facility, but I need to go to work and in a couple of weeks need to establish myself and get the respect of my teammates. There is still a lot to do."

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