Moss a success story

Two years ago, the thought of defensive end Jarvis Moss being a first-round pick in the NFL was far-fetched.

He played in one game in each of his first two seasons at Florida. He was a highly-touted recruit, but a staph infection kept him from gaining any weight.

For the first couple years of his college career he had a tough time putting on weight and he wasn't being diagnosed properly.

"It was really mysterious, just not knowing what was going on with me," said Moss, who was selected by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the 2007 draft. "It was really scary at the same time."

Moss likely picked up the infection his senior year of high school. He was missing games with an inflammation in his pelvic bone, and took a cortisone shot so he could try to play again.

Once the staph infection was found, Moss was given oxacillin, a form of penicillin. He was able to put on some weight and played a lot in 2005, getting 7.5 sacks off the bench. He matched that sack total last season, then left college to enter the draft.

"That whole part of my life, that was really rough," Moss said about dealing with the infection. "My infection almost took football from me."

Moss was selected 17th overall by the Broncos. He is now 251 pounds, and is a fantastic athlete who can rush the quarterback. He will get plenty of playing time as a rookie.

Florida coach Urban Meyer said he can't remember many stories like Moss' tale.

"To become a first rounder, and well deserved, help us win a national championship, that's one of the great success stories, in my opinion, of college football in the last 10 years," Meyer said.

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