Sharpe's new record

Shannon Sharpe becomes the first tight end in NFL history to register 700 career catches

DENVER, Colo. - Usually when it comes to Shannon Sharpe, nothing is done quietly.

Sunday, however, was the exception as Sharpe became the first tight end in NFL history to catch 700 career passes. The record setting catch came midway through the fourth quarter as the Broncos concluded their 99-yard scoring drive.

No stopping of the clock, no fanfare, no midfield celebration, just a quiet return to the sidelines with the game ball securely locked away for his collection.

"It's special because there will probably be many more after me, but I was first," Sharpe told the media.

"A lot of good things have to happen to get 700," he said. "You have to have quarterbacks who believe in you, who keep throwing you the football. You have to have coordinators to call the plays and give you the opportunity. And I've had great wide receivers, Rod Smith, Ed McCaffrey and all the guys in Baltimore. It's a very special moment for me, even more special because we got an opportunity to win."

And that's exactly what Sharpe has brought to the Broncos, an opportunity to win.

Wins over powerhouses such as St. Louis and San Francisco would have been unimaginable last year, yet this season it's suddenly becoming commonplace. A victory over the Buffalo Bills would give Denver its first three game winning streak since the 200 season.

A nice position to be in heading towards the matchup with Sharpe's former team the Baltimore Ravens, who have coincidentally lost two in a row since releasing Sharpe on the open market.

Coincidence or not, the Broncos are winning, and for Shannon Sharpe that says it all.

A special win and a special record, all for one of the greatest tight end in history, affectionately known as "The Mouth".

Albeit a much tamer and quieter version.

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