The Bledsoe Air Attack

The NFL's number one quarterback brings his air attack to Invesco Field.

DENVER, Colo. - During his weekly press conference, Drew Bledsoe acknowledged what most around the NFL already know, that the Broncos defense will undoubtedly be the toughest test that Buffalo has faced this year.

"We just got done watching them and I'll tell you their defense is a good unit, said Bledsoe. "First off all they are very tough up front. Their front four are big, physical players and their linebackers are fast enough that they could play in the secondary for a lot of teams in the league. They are a little bit smaller guys but that doesn't show up on film".

What does show up on film is the fact that on consecutive weeks the Broncos defense held Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Jeff Garcia and Terrell Owens in check, giving up a combined total of 30 points to St. Louis and San Francisco.

The Bills defense, on the other hand, ranks dead last in the NFL in points allowed, yet the offense sits atop the rankings in points scored, thanks to the off-season acquisition of Bledsoe, the former Patriot starter. It seems that the change in locals has given new life to the 10-year veteran and his run and gun style.

Coming off a career best 463-yard passing performance in Buffalo's 45-39 overtime victory over Minnesota, Bledsoe has managed an incredible two-week total of 734-yards, tops in the NFL.

Against the New York Jets Bledsoe aired it out 39 times before falling in overtime 37-31. He bettered that mark by ten when he tossed out 49 passes, including three touchdowns in last week's win.

Against the Broncos, expect the air attack to continue, with what degree of effectiveness though remains to be seen.

Just as Bledsoe and Co. have studied the Broncos film, Mike Shanahan and Ray Rhodes have disected the Bills game footage, intent on a game plan that will force the Bills into a one dimensional passing offense, where they feel they can contain Bledsoe, and his favorite receiver Peerless Price, with a combination blitz / tight zone package.

"I'm telling you, we've been fairly productive yardage-wise these past couple of weeks but we have a real test this week going into Denver facing a great unit".

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