Mike Shanahan Mini-camp quotes

Coach Mike Shanahan talks about the Denver Broncos' mini-camp.


On preparing for training camp

"It feels pretty good because you have two sessions of seven-day workouts and almost all of the guys have a good feel for the system minus a few. Today we did something a little different. We worked on the two-minute offense and four-minute, goal line--situations we haven't gone over. It wasn't just a review of situations we have been over. It was a good workout today."

On taking time off

"I try to work time off in. The players get some time off, usually like a month-and-a-half to two months. Hopefully it is not two months. During the offseason, we work on free agency and the draft, but right now is when we get some free time. Sometimes we come back in the middle of our vacations to make sure the guys are working hard and getting back into football doing running, lifting and football-related drills. It is a good break for the coaches, and I think the players like it as well."

On NFL Europe

"It has helped a number of our players, including Byron Chamberlain and Matt Lepsis, who both played well for us. I think it is a good experience for the players."

On DT Jimmy Kennedy

"I didn't get a chance to see him. We will take a look at some film today and see how things went. It is going to take him a while. He hasn't been in camp, and he really doesn't know our system so we will get a chance this week to get him some work. We will all be here and have a chance to work with a lot of young guys that have only been a part of our organization the last few months."

On his impressions of QB Jay Cutler

"He is undefeated this year. He has done a really good job so far and he has worked extremely hard since April and hopefully he can keep it going. This is a growing process, and he is maturing by working extremely hard. Hopefully the learning curve keeps going and he plays well. There are so many things to work on, but we need to make sure that we give him a supporting cast with a good running game, play-action and drop-back game. A quarterback can't do it all, and hopefully we have the supporting cast to take a little bit of pressure off of him."

On Cutler learning from other quarterbacks around the NFL

"I have had the opportunity to be around some of those greats. I know what they are thinking and how they react. All of these quarterbacks talk to each other and pick each others brains. Guys like John Elway, Joe Montana and Steve Young are all guys that I have been around in my time. They are great ones and Hall of Famers. These guys are all constantly trying to learn. At the Pro Bowl, it is the same way. The guys that want to learn are going to ask questions, and Jay has been doing an excellent job. I give each guy the number of all of the other guys on the team. These guys are grown men and they are going to ask each other questions. We concentrate on what we are doing and they guys that want to learn will ask questions."

On DE Kenny Peterson

"Sometimes it is an unconscious mistake. Sometimes a guy doesn't know that he is making a mistake and he makes one. If you slip up once and you don't know what you are putting into your body, you are going to pay the price. Each player is responsible for what he puts in his body."


On WR Rod Smith's recovery from offseason surgery

"He's coming along good. He's still a little sore yesterday, he had a little inflammation in there, but that's one of the things he has to work through. I can't give you a time table right now, but over the next few weeks before we start camp he'll be working every day with Greek (Head Athletic Trainer Steve Antonopulos) and obviously the more he can do the more we'll push him, but we don't want to push him too hard. "

On LB Eddie Moore missing practice

"It's a situation I can't get into right now, but it's an excused absence."

On depth at the wide receiver position

"That's one thing I think we do have is a lot of depth at the wide receiver position, more than we've had. (We have) a lot of untested guys, but I think we have a lot of talent so it'll be interesting to see who stays healthy and who steps up and makes plays when it counts."

On the Broncos' two-day mini camp

"The last couple of years I've said we'd go three (days) and I'd let them off the next morning, but these guys are pretty smart and they figured it out. So we're having our bowling derby this afternoon that we usually have at the completion of our OTA's. I think they're looking forward to that, and it'll be a little bit easier to have it in the evening than in the morning."

On using his time off to golf

"John (Lynch) asked me if I would let him off early because he's leaving for Tahoe tomorrow and wants to get a practice round in. So I decided that a guy that's been in the league as long as John, you've got to give him what he wants."

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