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Check out all the latest from Broncos Training Camp 2007

Training camp gets underway - Denver Post – Bill Williamson
7/29/07 – There were plenty of big plays on the first day of training camp, which was attended by 1,904 fans, a first day record for Dove Valley. Among the highlights were big pass plays from quarterback Jay Cutler to wide receivers Javon Walker and David Kircus.

New policy unzips lips of Broncos' O-line - Denver Post – Mike Kliss
7/29/07 – After more than a decade of virtual silence, Tom Nalen has found himself in the NFL equivalent of a windowless, single-bulb room, sitting on a metal-back chair at an old, wooden table.

2,008 reasons T.D. must be in Hall - Denver Post – Mark Kiszla
7/29/07 – Let's start banging down the doors to the Pro Football Hall of Fame for Terrell Davis. Anybody who votes to keep him out does not know the game.

JimmyTube: First day of training camp- Denver Post – Jim Armstrong
7/29/07 – Training camp got underway Sunday at Dove Valley, and Jim Armstrong was there for a look-see - sun lotion in hand.

Broncos notebook from day 1 of training camp- 9News – David Hunt
7/29/07 - The best play at the Denver Broncos' first day of camp wasn't Javon Walker coming down with the ball on a deflected pass or David Kircus hauling in a 50-yard reception from Jay Cutler between three defenders. No, the top performance occurred during team stretching when rookie defensive tackle Marcus Thomas was called out in front of the group in a tradition the players call "break down."

Henry Thinks Broncos' Scheme Fits His Talents- CBS4
Jul 29, 2007 - Travis Henry's resume includes three thousand-yard seasons in the NFL, a trip to the Pro Bowl and a national championship in college. Yet his mantra Sunday, the first day of the Denver Broncos' training camp, was that nobody has seen the real Travis Henry. Henry said that's about to change now that he's in Denver. He signed a five-year, $22.5 million contract this offseason with the Broncos.

Broncos training camp glance- Colorado Springs Gazette – Frank Schwab
July 29, 2007 - Less than an hour into the first practice of training camp, everyone in earshot of Jim Bates got a taste of the new assistant head coach/defense's enthusiasm. After defensive tackle Sam Adams stuffed a run for no gain, Bates started yelling, then got the attention of the defensive players on the sideline to bellow out his praise of Adams, pointing out that was what he expected during practice.

Broncos' changes lead to revamped line of attack- Rocky Mountain News – Lee Rasizer
July 30, 2007 - Forget for a moment that canine-related analogies probably don't make for the best word choice in NFL circles these days. Veteran Kenard Lang, upon his arrival at Broncos headquarters, nevertheless had a point when he sized up the battles ahead in the coming weeks. "Everybody's an All-American with no pads on," Lang said on the eve of the first official workout of training camp.

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