Sunday afternoon practice quotes - 7/29

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan and first round draft pick defensive end Jarvis Moss talk about Sunday afternoon's practice.


On D.J. Williams progression

"Very well, he's a gifted natural athlete. He works extremely hard and he will play extremely well at that position."

On Todd Sauerbrun's 80-yard punt in practice

"I have been watching him since he has been here. If he gets a little bit of wind he is trying to make field goals from back there. One of his punts had almost six seconds of hang time. He punted extremely well and he has had a good off season program. Hopefully he can keep it up."

On winning home games

"You always have to win your home games in the National Football League. We didn't do a very good job of that last year. We were okay on the road but we have to find a way to win those games and hopefully we will do that."

On the tempo of practice

"It takes a while. We haven't worked in pads in a while and it is going to take a number of days before we get comfortable, that's why you have training camp, to get them into football shape. We kind of have a system down, but that is going to take some time."

On getting used to pads

"I think the coordination of the units with the pad on. You can do a lot of things without pads, but once you put them on, it does take some time and that is why we have a couple weeks before our first game. They are in pretty good football shape, but until you practice with those pads and go through the bumps, bruises and exhaustion it is really hard to go out there and play a game. That's why we play our guys the first 10 to 15 plays the first game and about 20 to 25 in the second. It does take some time to get them into football shape."

On Patrick Ramsey's progression

"Good, he is very sharp and very aware. He was 100 percent in the off season and we found a way to get it done and get him here. He has been very impressive since he has been here."

On the range of wide receivers going into camp

"Rod is here, he is in our meetings. Obviously he is not out there on the field, but I am glad he is taking care of himself. Rod is such a tough guy, he played last year with an injury when he probably shouldn't have. He is doing what he can to make sure he is out on the field and very healthy. I hope we can have him back for the third preseason game. Rod will come back and play extremely well for us."


On how training camp is going

"Pretty good, I'm having fun. It's camp time so all the older guys are starting to pick up their bullying but we're having a good time."

On being ‘bullied'

"You go through the same thing when you first get into college. I was prepared for it coming in yesterday."

On feeling like a ‘freshman' again

"Sort of. There are guys jumping on you, picking on you, as you can see, I've got four helmets to carry in, but I'll just do my part and hopefully they'll let up a little once they see what I'm bringing to the table."

On football knowledge gained from morning practice

"In the morning I didn't have a really good pass rush and there were a couple things that coach and I were working on for this afternoon and I came out this afternoon and made the corrections as far as my angling off the line of scrimmage."

On hearing Coach Bates

"Yeah I could hear him. Normally he is quiet but he got pretty fired up this morning and everyone got excited about it. I think it's good for the whole team. It brings a sense of energy to the whole field and a sense of urgency when coaches get fired up and get heated about things."

On fear of making mistakes

"You learn from mistakes." On what he looks forward to the most "I didn't do well on my pass rush and I was really down on myself about it so I'm going to go watch the film tonight and I'm going to go work. I'm just going to go look at myself and break down everything I did well and break down the bad things too and see if I can't come out tomorrow and just correct them all."

On impressions of teammates

"I watch some of those guys and everyone's got to get better as a team and as a defensive line unit, everyone's got a lot of thing's they can improve upon."

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