Javon Walker Speaks Out

Broncos receiver Javon Walker addressed the media for the first time since teammate Darrant Williams' death. Check out the full transcripts...


On feeling good during training camp
"Football-wise, I feel pretty good. Last year going into camp, I was rehabbing and trying to learn on the run, but going into this season I feel healthy and strong, so I'm ready to give it a full-go once the season starts."

On how it has gone during the offseason
"I'm doing good. Obviously I'm feeling healthy, so that's the best part about it. I'm running out routes every day… Just going out each and every practice and working without being limited from anything."

On where the team is at from an offensive standpoint
"We feel pretty good. Obviously when you're going against a defense like ours every day, they tend to pick up things that we've been doing. It's a good challenge for us when we go down to Dallas and practice against another team and when we go to San Francisco. Because you are working on new things every day with the same guys, a lot of times you win some and you lose some. We feel good about where we are headed."

On looking forward to starting training camp in the offseason
"Yes, I have been looking forward to training camp just because I knew I was healthy and had the offseason with no rehab or anything."

On not talking to the media in the offseason
"It's just because of certain situations where I didn't want to be in front of the camera right now. This is with people I know and who are working with me right now. The time comes, and what better day than a day like today?"

On making big plays
"That's just a certain part of the package that we try to install. We know that will be a big part of our game this year. We are just in practice now and when we transfer over to the game, I know that is a big part of my game, it's a lot about having the timing down. That's what has been exciting, coming into training camp and not having any rehab or anything."

On getting on the same page as QB Jay Cutler
"We had a whole offseason together. Obviously (with Cutler) having started the last five games, right now, it feels like we have played 16 games already. The timing is there. We just have to make sure that we get a lot of the other guys on the same page and go from there."

On if there is a reason why he has a mohawk hairstyle
"Not really. I got tired of getting the same haircut all my life. I wanted something different and that would stand out. When there comes a time when I get tired of it, I'll get something new."

On how the other receivers are progressing during camp
"The good thing is it's our same receiving core from last year with the addition of (Brandon) Stokley. You can't look at Stokley as a rookie. He has two Super Bowl rings, was with the championship team last year and played with a future Hall of Fame quarterback, so he's just getting right back into the mix of things. We have a veteran group of receivers where no one is really learning right now, we have one rookie, but I think he is also on the same page. I think it gives the other quarterbacks, all the time they get to make their reps, a chance to see what they're doing."

On WR Brandon Stokley being from the same area of Louisiana that he is from
"You know we played against each other in high school and have a lot of the same mutual friends. I feel like I'm at home when he's here."

On if he has established himself as the Broncos' go-to receiver
"I hope so. Obviously there are plays that were made last year, plays that were made even before I got here. It's just about how you use everyone's talents. The coaches can see what I can do, so there becomes a point in time during games where a different player will have to step up. A receiver is only as good as the guy on the opposite side of them that continues to try to make plays."

On fitting in with Cutler's talents
"He does have a strong arm, so it depends on how the coaches let him utilize it, and I think they will. With the receivers that we have out there—big, strong and fast—you have got to get those opportunities to throw to them."

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