Schon: Broncos Camp Report - Day 5

It was a scene eerily reminiscent of last December - A Broncos linebacker wearing #56 lay motionless on the turf as team physicians work cautiously to try and immobilize him.

Stay in touch with all the latest happenings from Training Camp 2007 as Syndicated Columnist Michael John Schon gives us the lowdown on who's hot - who's not and where the team is headed as they gear up for the regular season.

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed - Day Five became the perfect example…

Scariest moment of camp was watching LB Warrick Holdman being immobilized and carted off the field after colliding with running back Mike Bell during the team portion of practice this morning. Holdman hit the turf hard and was initially unable to feel his arms or legs - ironically he was wearing the same jersey number (#56) that former defensive captain Al Wilson wore when he suffered a career ending injury last December.

"He went numb for about 30 or 40 seconds out there and he got his feeling back — which is a good sign," Mike Shanahan told reporters. "I don't know for sure, but normally when somebody gets that feeling back, it's usually positive."

With the mood suddenly turned south, the team did it's best to regain composure and finish out the session, but it was apparent the emotions just weren't there. Less than an hour after dismissing the team for lunch Shanahan canceled the afternoon practice.

Denver Broncos linebacker Warrick Holdman sustained a spinal cord concussion during the club's morning training camp practice on Thursday.

Holdman will be kept overnight for observation at Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree, Colo.

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