Coach's Corner - Aug. 2, 2007

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan cut practice short today, but not before he had a chance to speak to the media about the days events. Check out the full transcripts.

Mike Shanahan

On LB Warrick Holdman's injury
"He went numb for about 30 or 40 seconds, but he got his feeling back which is a good sign. But I don't know anything for sure. Normally when someone gets that feeling back, it's usually a positive. "

On his reaction as a coach to this type of injury
"Any time someone goes numb, everybody who's out there is hoping for the best. We all know the risks of playing this game and when something happens like that you hope that it's just temporary and you work through it. I'm hoping right now that's the case."

On DT Demetrin Veal's injury
"He got poked in the eye. He got a good shot to the eye. He should be all right, but it's quite painful. He got it pretty square."

On the health status of DT Sam Adams
"He's all right. It's a game plan that we have—we're going to make sure he's in shape. We know he can play the game. When he played the first couple practices, he's been very impressive but we don't want to overdo it as well."

On Keith Burns' transition from a player to a coach
"For Keith I think it's pretty easy because when he was playing he was coaching. He was getting after players when he was a captain for a number of years. He's a veteran player and one of the reasons we hired him is because he's a leader and he understands what it takes to be successful, as I always called, an overachiever. He's been in the league for a long time. The reason he's been in the league a long time (is that) he knows how to prepare, he knows how to get the most out of himself and he's been doing a great job with is teammates."

On LB Warrick Holdman's play
"He's been playing pretty well. We got a lot of guys in the thick of things competing for that third spot (at linebacker) and to be honest with you I can't tell you whose ahead right now. It kind of changes day by day, but that's a good sign."

On reaction of players to an injury
"I think everybody's hoping for the best. We think it's temporary. Obviously if somebody was seriously hurt we'd probably want to finish practice, but that's the nature of this game. People are going to go down with sprained ankles and sore knees and with a situation when there is some numbness, it's a big concern and that's why we took our time. Putting him on the stretcher and going through things very carefully, thinking of the worst. But as I shared with you, it was a good sign that he could move his fingers, move his toes and bring his knees up so keep your fingers crossed. "

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