Travis Henry Speaks Out

Denver's newest running back discusses the Broncos offensive system, what it's like to get hit by John Lynch and the feelings of seeing Warrick Holdman go down during practice. Check out the full transcripts.

RB Travis Henry

On how it is to see a teammate (LB Warrick Holdman) get injured during practice
"It's real scary. I think everybody out here is trying to make the team and trying to go hard every play, but when you see someone go down during practice, it's very scary. It was difficult. We stood there for 10-15 minutes, and we're getting tight. A lot of the guys were praying for him and hoping for a speedy recovery. It was hard to just continue practice. It's weird. When you see someone go down during practice or in a game, it's hard to continue, but we've got a job to do."

On running into S John Lynch during practice
"It's my first time playing against him. He's my teammate, but I never played against him at Tennessee or Buffalo, but John is a great player. He's going to come after me and thug me up. My coach just told us to get our shoulder pads down, and unfortunately every time No. 47 is there. I know he's a student of the game and is always around the ball. He had talked to me yesterday and said ‘If I run into you one more time…' and I said ‘I don't like running into you either.' We are both competitive."

On becoming comfortable with the offensive system
"Each day I'm feeling much better with the system. I'm becoming comfortable with the blocking, the offensive line, and I think it is just a matter of time until I have it down. I really think I can do some big things with this offense. We are working hard and trying to get better every day and we are working towards one goal."

On running toward the defense as opposed to running around them
"I've been in the league for seven years, and I know that I do what I have to do. That's my game—just pounding and pounding and hopefully, guys will be trying to miss me. I just always try to punch it in there. Then, maybe they won't want anymore during the fourth quarter."

On if he remembers his best play
"Actually I do. It was last year when we were playing the New England Patriots when I was with Tennessee. It was on a play to the right and the defender came right to me and I gave him a stiff arm. I mean the whole crowd roared, so that had to have been my best play."

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