Schon: Broncos Camp Report - Day 9

Tony Scheffler makes a guest appearance, Andre Hall struggles with punt returns and Adam Meadows attepts to bond with Nate Webster - Check out all the action in today's Broncos Camp Report.

Stay in touch with all the latest happenings from Denver Broncos Training Camp 2007 as Syndicated Columnist Michael John Schon gives us the lowdown on who's hot - who's not and where the team is headed as they gear up for the regular season.

A fairly dismal day - an equally dismal performance and a testosterone level twice the legal limit - Welcome to Day Nine of Broncos Camp 2007.
Now get outta my face.

So I was just getting ready to lay money on an Adam Meadows - Nate Webster throw down, and before I even had the odds calculated - the shoving match ends up in a draw - I swear nobody caught a break today.

"I would say we were below average today," Shanahan offered almost apologetically. "The intensity is there - Guys are tired, but they have to work through it. That's what football is and that's what training camp is all about."

The epitome of Tuesday was the meltdown Special Teams coach Scott O'Brien had when Andre Hall fumbled a pooched punt inside the 20-yard line… "That's why you can never be a punt returner Andre - What are you doing? - Yea, it's my fault - you're right, I should've put someone else over there."

Tony Scheffler made a guest appearance, proving to the Bronco faithful that his uniform still fit - Scheffler led the morning breakdown and ran a few routes before returning to rehab. His return from a broken foot is still unclear at this point.

Despite the problems there were a few bright spots today - most notably the parking was much easier.

Javon Walker wowed the crowd with a beautiful one-handed catch from Jay Cutler in the end zone - Quincy Morgan snagged two scores, a deflected pass off Jeff Shoate and a 15-yard toss from backup QB Patrick Ramsey. John Engelberger stripped the ball from Travis Henry, Steve Cargile became airborne to knock away a pass from Stephan Alexander and cornerback Dre' Bly made a pair of diving deflections off Quincy Morgan and Javon Walker.

Add John Lynch to the walking wounded - the fifteen-year veteran left the field with a bruised sternum after a train wreck with Travis Henry (I didn't even know you could bruise a sternum). Considering it's Lynch he'll probably be back tomorrow. Ben Hamilton is still having issues from a concussion, Mike Bell tweaked his right ankle, Matt Lepsis came down with a slight groin pull, Jarvis Moss is taking it day to day after a knee injury on Monday, Warrick Holdman is lucky to have regained the feeling in his extremities after a spinal cord concussion - and Glenn Martinez (right thigh) and Marquay McDaniel (left hamstring) both took the day off to try and recoup.

Practice continues on Wednesday with two sessions scheduled - 8:30 am and 3:50 pm. All practices are open to the public and are free of charge. Gates open one hour prior to scheduled practice time.

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