Coach's Corner - Aug. 9, 2007

Player injuries became the main topic in today's Coach's Corner. Check out the full transcript...

Mike Shanahan

On the progress of TE Tony Scheffler
"Well the MRI was (negative), so we know there's no chance for any structural damage and now he's just got to get back in football shape and trust it. I think we're going to play him a little bit each day and he should be ready to go next week, at least practice, when we go against the Cowboys."

On WR Javon Walker helping to mark down and distance with the sticks at the end of practice
"The more he can do. Just like coaches, you never know for sure how long you're going to be here, the more you can do the better off you are."

On DE Tim Crowder
"Tim's doing a real good job. He can play outside or inside. He's done a real good job in our nickel rush. He's a very strong guy, very mature and he's picking things up fairly quickly."

On CB Jeff Shoate
"Jeff's made a number of big plays the last couple of days and it's good to see him back. Like you mentioned, he's healthy and going through the OTA's and hopefully he makes the best of his opportunities."

On if he shortened practice
"Well, it was a little shorter, about five minutes. We're banged up a little bit right now, but we still had a good practice. We fought through it. You can get a lot done when you practice at gameday speed. Even when we don't have pads on, we try to practice at game day speed and these guys have been doing a good job. Hopefully, their bodies will heal a little bit and we can get some of the guys back on the field and get back at it tomorrow with some shoulder pads on."

On what happened to T Ryan Harris
"I think he had a little tweak in his back. I'm not exactly sure how serious it is but enough not to practice the rest of practice. So hopefully it's not too bad."

On T Matt Lepsis
"The MRI is (negative), so that's good news. There's no structural damage, so now he's just got to fight through it. He's got a sore groin right now, so it's going to be 1-3 days. He'll not play this weekend in San Francisco on Monday night, but hopefully he'll be back ready to go on Wednesday."

On G Ben Hamilton
"He's not going to play either, precautionary, just because if we were dealing with a concussion during the season he'd probably be ready to go, at least that's what the doctors think, but I can't tell you for sure until a couple days from now."

On working out with the Cowboys to help the club play in hot conditions
"To be honest with you, heat has nothing to do with it. I just enjoy working with a different scheme. They're a 3-4 defense—we see that a number of times during the season. Obviously with (Dallas Head Coach) Wade Phillips, the (former) defensive coordinator at San Diego, we'll get a chance to work against a defense that we'll see during the season. On top of that, about the third week of camp you get tired of hitting against each other and you want to see players go against people that they don't know so you can evaluate some of the younger guys and get a little more spirited practice."

On Denver cornerbacks working against the Dallas receivers
"It's the National Football League—You're going to get tested each week. Obviously with Terry Glenn probably being out for a while… T.O.'s (Terrell Owens obviously back. It's the National Football League. You better respect everybody because there's a lot of talent out there."

On looking forward to seeing DT Marcus Thomas play
"We'll get a look at him. He's a little rusty as you mentioned. Any time you don't play for a year it takes some time, but the OTA's and the conditioning program that he's been through has really helped him. Now, as you just said, he's got to get back in football shape and we'll get a chance to evaluate him over a four-team time frame."

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