Coach's Corner - Aug. 10, 2007

Mike Shanahan addresses the media as the Broncos prepare to face the San Francisco 49ers in Monday night's preseason opener.

Mike Shanahan

On WR Brandon Marshall's first day of camp "I thought Brandon did a great job. Anytime you take a look at an MRI and the MRI shows the muscle as being healed, you have to fight through that scar tissue. It is going to be sore and it is going to be painful but he has to work through it. I thought for the first day, he looked very good."

On the plan for Marshall against the 49ers He is obviously not going to play against the 49ers, today was his first day of practice. It is an ongoing process and our game plan is to try and get him ready as quick as possible without the risk of injury. I am not exactly sure what that time table is, but it was nice to get him out to practice today. Right now, it is healed. When you take a look at the muscle from the MRI it looks good. You have to fight through a little pain and scar tissue but that is just part of it. How long is it going to take? Probably the same length of time it took these guys to get ready for the first game. He is in pretty good condition because he has been working out in the weight room. He has to feel comfortable coming in and out of breaks. It is going to hurt for a little bit but as you saw today, he did some good things. He hasn't missed any of the installation periods. He has been to all of the meetings and watched all of the film. The only thing he has missed is being out there on the field and going through it. He has had about four or five hours of film everyday and he has been doing that leading up to the opening game. He is pretty sharp too, so he can pick it up fairly quickly."

On the competition Marshall faces at the WR position "Obviously there is always competition. That is not the reason he went today. He wants to help our football team win, but he has to show what he can do and that he can stay healthy. It is nice to have competition for sure."

On Marshall's return "I told him this morning that he had to work through it. We took a look at the MRI and even though it is painful, it is supposed to be painful, but you have to work through it. He did it today and I think early in practice he could feel the pain, but he worked through it and I think he feels better right now and that is part of the process."

On Marshall's youth playing into his injury "I don't think he has ever been hurt before. He is a big guy and he has been very fortunate not to have had a lot of injuries. The difference between being hurt and injured is sometimes very tough. You take a look at X-rays with bones and you look at MRI's for muscles. These doctors have been doing this for a long time and they get a good feel if we would be putting these players at risk and if it is the proper time to go. It was a little painful today, but he pushed through it. Now we will see how much better he gets and how quick he gets there."

On WR Javon Walker's status "I am not sure what it was, but he looked fine at the end."

On training camp coming to a close "We have gotten a lot done in this camp. We have a lot left, even through our camp ends officially on Saturday, we still have two practices against Dallas on Wednesday and Thursday that will obviously be a big part of our evaluation process. We still have four games to see what these guys can do, not only on offense and defense, but special teams as well. We have a long way to go."

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