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Simeon Rice, the Denver Broncos practice squad and Travis Henry all get their fair share in today's edition of Rumors, Rants & Raves.

Ok, one week out from the 2007 NFL opener against Buffalo and the Denver Broncos resign eight players to the practice squad - QB Darrell Hackney, WR Glenn Martinez, Offensive Linemen Greg Eslinger, Mark Fenton and Cliff Washburn, DT Steven Harris and Safeties Steve Cargile and Roderick Rogers.

In any other city in America this information gets buried somewhere between Brittany Spears' parental skills and a local library grand opening - but not in Denver. In Denver they'll cut away from nuclear holocaust coverage so they can toss it over to Gary Miller inside the Broncos Locker Room.

You gotta love a town that's got it's priorities straight.

... Speaking of priorities - On Monday the team signed Defensive End Simeon Rice to a one-year deal. That's three-time Pro Bowl defensive end Simeon Rice, if you‘re keeping score.

"This was a big signing for us this late in the process of putting together the 53-man roster prior to open weekend," general manger Ted Sundquist told The Associated Press. "I think our scheme will open things up on the edge for him and allow him to use his physical tools to rush the passer. He can be at times flat dominant and give opposing offensive tackles fits with his length and speed."

Here's the thing - I love the signing, but the fact the Broncos dished out $3 million guaranteed to a guy that missed half the season with a bum shoulder scares me. Three Pro Bowls are one thing - three million on the bench is something else.

Evidently Shanahan thinks he's set - Rice was listed as the starter on the team's official depth chart hours before he'd even set foot on the turf at Dove Valley. That's got to boost your confidence.

Still no word on whether he'll see any action against Buffalo - more than likely he'll debut in the home opener against the Raiders on Sept. 16.

... From the Shaw Kemp files - it good news / bad news for Broncos running back Travis Henry. Last week a Superior Court judge ordered Henry to provide $3,000 per month child support and fund a $250,000 trust for a son he fathered three years ago. As it turns out, according to court documents, Henry's fathered nine different children - with nine different women - over four different states. Wow.

To me, three bills really doesn't really seem that much for a guy that signed a five-year, $22.5 million contract that's got $12 million in guarantees, unfortunately Henry's lawyer disagrees, saying his client doesn't have any money.

Despite the fact he's rolling in a $100,000+ car and flashing over $145,000 in custom jewelry, Henry was forced to borrow $9,800 from his former team, the Tennessee Titans, so he could catch up with his outstanding child support payments.

Good news is he's set to start in the Broncos backfield this Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

... Offensive lineman Ben Hamilton is still feeling the effects of having his brain scrambled during training camp and will sit out at least the next two weeks - Chris Myers, who has never started an NFL game in his life, will take over as replacement.

... Jay Cutler looked solid in practice Wednesday - but I'm still not ready to pick up tickets for the bandwagon just yet. Ok, I'll give him the fact that he pulled it out against the Broncos first team 'D' during camp, but considering that same defense gave up nearly six hundred yards and forty-four points in the preseason - I'm not that impressed. Show me you can pull it off against a powerhouse like Buffalo - then maybe I'll change my mind.

"I've had a lot of time to get into the offense and figure stuff out," Cutler told reporters. "People are going to expect a lot more out of me. Last year it was just, 'He's a rookie and will make mistakes.' This year, they are going to expect me to go out there and execute."

Well.... yea, it would be nice.

Michael John Schon has covered the National Football League and the Denver Broncos for the past ten years. As a member of the Pro Football Writers Association he has published and syndicated columns to both newspapers and magazines throughout the United States and Canada. His syndicated radio broadcast: "Schon Live" airs weekly on various radio stations around the country.

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