Coach's Corner - Post Game Quotes 9/9/07

Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan addresses the media following Sunday's 15-14 win over the Buffalo Bills - Check out the full transcript.

Mike Shanahan

Opening statement
"Those types of games can drive you crazy. The coaching staff and the players fought extremely hard and we felt very fortunate to find a way to win. I'm very proud of our football team; We never gave up. We had some adversity during the game, and we just kept fighting and found a way to win. That's the bottom line. We can always build on our mistakes. Special teams and the offense obviously moved the ball pretty well, but you have to score more points than we did, but we did do some good things. I think if you look at the rushing offense and passing offense, I think there is something to build upon. We've got to be able to put some more points on the scoreboard. Special teams were excellent as a unit. Take a look at their punt return and the four major areas of the special teams, and they're by the far No. 1 in the National Football League and we saw today why they are No.1. We've got to tighten up some loose ends and keep on fighting, but it's sure nice to come out with a victory."

On watching the field goal unit rush onto the field in the final seconds
"Well we knew it was going to be close. We work on that all the time, but regardless if we have a first down or not, everybody was coming off the field for obvious reasons because you can't make the decision to kill it or go for it. We knew it was probably going to be fourth down with that down and distance, so we didn't have a choice. Those guys, I mean we practice it all the time and (Special Teams Coordinator) Scott O'Brien does an unbelievable job orchestrating all the scenarios there that exist on special teams. That was one of those situations and everybody's on top of it. I think we got it out with 1.2 seconds left."

On the length of time used in practicing these scenarios with special teams
"Usually it's 17 seconds when we call it. Can you go 10 yards, take a knee, then kill the clock and get it off? To get the field goal unit on and off, it's got to be a record. I heard it was a record to run that play; I think it was about 10 or eleven seconds when we actually went out to kick it. The guys were just on top of things."

On the special teams unit being ready
"You just have guys who are pretty sharp. It takes a sharp unit to get the snap and the hold in place, and the kicker still getting it done. It's something that you practice, but it's something that doesn't even happen in the season, and sometimes it does, and it paid off today."

On QB Jay Cutler's performance on third and fourth down plays
"Well you're trying to make a play there, and he's trying to get the ball back to (RB) Selvin (Young), and just trying to make a play. That's what excellent players do. He has the game ball, to have that type of poise on third-and-23 and throw the slant to (WR) Javon (Walker).

On Cutler coming back after making mistakes
"That's what you look for in a quarterback. It's what separates the good ones from the great ones, and it was a good debut for him. Obviously, he came on the road, and we moved the ball well; we did some good things. We had a few stub their toes and had a few guys at some different positions, so we just have to tighten it up and get better and better."

On going to the right side purposely frequently when running the ball
"It really wasn't. It had a lot to do with the hash marks, and we felt pretty good about going either direction. To the right side, we wanted to slow down (Bill's RE Aaron) Schobel a little bit, so you had to keep him off balance since he's such a good pass rusher. That was our game plan going in. I don't think we slowed him down very well, he's just one heck of a football player."

On having a battle-tested kicker like Jason Elam
"Well that's why we've got him; you don't let a guy like that go. You know he is battle-tested and regardless of how talented a young guy might be, you don't know how they're going to handle clutch situations. He's been in those situations for a number of years, so it is great to have a guy like that."

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