Broncos v. Jaguars Report Card

Check out how the Denver Broncos fared on their report card in the 23-14 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

PASSING OFFENSE: B-minus -- Jay Cutler helped keep the Broncos in the game. He threw for 222 yards and his only interception came with the game no longer in doubt. The Broncos got a big game from receiver Brandon Marshall, who had 133 yards. However, the Broncos need to get more points on the board.

RUSHING OFFENSE: D-minus -- The Broncos were ineffective the entire game running the ball. Travis Henry didn't have a carry longer than six yards. The Broncos' only carry longer than 10 yards was a 12-yard gain by fullback Cecil Sapp. The Broncos won't win many games averaging 2.6 yards per carry, which they did Sunday.

PASS DEFENSE: C -- David Garrard didn't have many long passes, but made a few important plays. He also took off and ran a few times, which is a mark against the passing defense because on many of those plays, the Broncos didn't get much pressure. Denver also didn't force a turnover. Jacksonville had 154 passing yards.

RUSH DEFENSE: D-minus -- Denver gave up too many yards on the ground, resulting in Jacksonville holding the ball for almost two-thirds of the game. The Broncos didn't tackle all that well, and often allowed Jaguars backs to push the pile forward for extra yards. The run defense is becoming a major concern for the Broncos.

SPECIAL TEAMS: D -- Domenik Hixon's fumble on the opening kickoff of the second half was a big blow. Denver also allowed a 42-yard kickoff return to Maurice Jones-Drew. The bright spot was punter Todd Sauerbrun, who averaged 63 yards per punt on a couple of kicks that sailed into the end zone.

COACHING: D -- The Broncos thought they were prepared and had a good game plan, but couldn't get much going because Jacksonville controlled the ball for more than 38 minutes. The Broncos looked ill prepared to stop Garrard when he took off and ran, and the run defense has been poor all season. Denver had a chance to take a two-game lead over San Diego in the AFC West, but blew a great opportunity with a home loss.

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