Coach's Corner - Mike Shanahan 10/31/07

Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan met with the media today, discussing such topics as the team's frustrations against Green Bay and how he hopes to turn things around this Sunday against the Detroit Lions.

On Detroit QB Jon Kitna saying the Lions may win 10 games this year
"I think he has a feeling through the offseason conditioning program what kind of football team they have. Obviously, they are very talented. They have a number of low-round draft choices. I've seen the way they have played. They are leading the NFL in turnovers, so that has to give you a good feeling of what kind of defense they have. They have a very respectable running game and a great passing game with a number of top-notch wide receivers right now. It doesn't surprise me when the quarterback says something like that."

On Detroit QB Jon Kitna
"Jon is a competitor. You have to watch out for his third-and-one and watch him take off to the outside against Tampa Bay and get the first down. There's not question in my mind to what type of competitor he is. That was one of the best 1-yard runs I think I have ever seen. He plays full speed. He is a winner and one of the reasons why they have done so well."

On if the team is frustrated
"Obviously, you are disappointed any time you have a chance to win and you don't. If there is not a lot of disappointment, you have the wrong kind of guys. That's just part of it. You have to go back and take a look at the missed opportunities and keep on working in practice."

On having success over the Detroit Lions in past seasons
"Another thing we don't do is we won't think about what's happened in the past. I think if you do that; you live in the past. They are an excellent football team, 3-0 at home. They are forcing turnovers and are playing exceptionally well. They went in there to Chicago and kind of dominated the football game, so we understand what kind of football team we are going against. We're going to have to do the little things the right way. It's going to be a great matchup."

On fighting through the injuries during the season
"Everybody deals with injuries. Sometimes you are a little more fortunate than others. It gives some of the other players an opportunity and our young guys can have some opportunities. That's the nature of this game. What's your going to have to do is hope everyone plays at a high level."

On DE Simeon Rice
"Simeon is coming. Simeon has made some strides and I think he is a little more healthy than he has been, but don't think he is completely there yet, but will be in a short time."

On being excited every time WR Brandon Marshall gets the ball
"I'm not because I see him every single day at practice. I think the fans are because they all haven't watched him in game situations. We've been watching him here in the last game and a half. Obviously he has a lot of ability and is learning to be a consistent pro and has a big upside."

On CB Dre' Bly
"He has played extremely well. I thought one of the reasons why we beat Pittsburgh was his play. He was player of the game. He takes every play seriously and hates to lose. That is why he is on our football team."

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