Schon: Live Game Notes - Broncos - Lions

Jay Cutler and the Denver Broncos face an uphill battle today in the Motor City. Check out our Live Game Notes for all the latest action.

Welcome to Week Nine from Motor City - a game that under any other circumstances would be an automatic for Denver, is now a struggle. The Lions are having one of their best years ever - and the Broncos are circling the drain about as fast as Dog Chapman's career.

Today's inactives - S John Lynch, RB Mike Bell, S Curome Cox, DT Amon Gordon, OG Isaac Snell, TE Chad Mustard, WR Javon Walker and DE Jarvis Moss.

Kickoff is fifteen minutes away - you might want to grab some alcohol…

1st. Quarter
Broncos take the kick and get a pretty decent return out to the 38-yard line - here comes Cutler and Company. Travis Henry around the left side loses a yard - Cutler to Graham grabs a quick five - Lions are playing it pretty tight - 3rd and six and out of the shotgun Cutler gets sacked… Sauerbrun makes his first appearance early.

Lions take it at their own eleven. RB Kevin Jones takes it around the side for a quick five- Jones busts it again - this one goes for twelve and it's a Lions first at the 28-yard line. Jones in a trifecta moves it to the 32 - Broncos can't stop the run at this stage - it's gonna be a long afternoon. Jones again (what a surprise) out to the 42-yard line. Litna drops to pass - deflected by Simeon Rice. More on the ground - end around moves it near the fifty on third and four. Kitna hits McDonald for the first and the Lions move it into Broncos territory. Nineteen more yards on the ground - T.J. Duckett - and Detroit sits inside the thirty. Guess who moives it to the 24 - Kitna incomplete to Jones on third and the Broncos escape a huge hole. Jason Hanson spllit's the uprights and Detroit takes an early 3-0 lead.

Lions attempt an onside kick - bad decision - Broncos have excellent field position at the 46 - Cutler picks up seven hitting in the middle. 2nd and three and it's Henry off tackle for two to the Detroit thirty-eight. Henry on a third and one = picks up two and the Broncos move the chains. No gain on the ground - Cutler follows up with a strike to Brandon Marshall for nine. For a third and inches. Flag on the offense moves it back - Shanahan is about an inch away from imploding. Third and five falls incomplete to Marshall - Elam to the rescue - bounces off the upright and the Broncos walk off empty.

Kitna takes it at the 39 - airs it out - pass falls incomplete. 2nd and ten and it's back to the ground - Jones breaks tackles for another five - ball rests on the 45 for third and five. Confusion on the field - Broncos burn a time out. Too many players on the field - defense looks completely confused.

Kitna on a keeper - good enough for a first at midfield. Back to back incompletions and the Lions are looking at third and ten from the fifty - Kitna hits McDonald for seven bringing up 4th and two - Lions are going for it - Jones up the middle but there's flags on the play. Too many men on the field - Lions get the first. Dre Bly reads it perfect - end around and Bly drops it for a seven-yard loss. Second and eighteen pass to Jones gets back to the line of scrimmage. Flag on Detroit drops them back another ten. Second and twenty-eight and Kitna hits Calvin Johnson for a twenty-yard pickup. Third and eight from the thirty-five falls incomplete - Hanson nails it from from 53-yards out and Detroit increases the lead 6-0 as the first comes to a close.

2nd Quarter
Andre Hall takes the kick and moves it out near the thirty. Cutler gets sacked back at the 24 - Cutler is down - looks like he twisted his knee - Denver burns another time out as Patrick Ramsey takes the field.

Ramsey to Stokley picks up eighteen. No word yet on Cutler. Ramsey incomplete along the sideline - Toss tpo Scheffler moves it six yards as Cutler is carted off the field - Not a good sign for Denver. Third and four and Daniel Graham drops it… Broncos are forced to kick - Sauerbrun sails it to the Lions sixteen with 11:14 left in the half.

Lions keep the attack on the ground - moving it out to the thirty-nine. Jones gets tripped up by Ferguson for a two-yard loss bringing up third and three - Kitna hits Roy Williams for a twenty-one yard gain across midfield. Back to back incomplete and on third and ten Kitna gets sacked. Ply is nullified with a facemask penalty on Elvis Summerville - When it rains it pours Lions face first and ten from the thirty-three.

Jones on the ground again - stopped by Ian Gold for a two-yard loss. Kitna hits Johnson for ten inside the thirty and Detroit faces a third and three. Kitna scrambles and connects with Mike Furrey in the middle - good enough for the first at the Broncos sixteen. Kitna follows it up with another strike to Furrey and it's good for a Lions touchdown. Replay shows Furrey's knee may have been down befor the ball crossed but Shanahan doesn't challenge and Detroit takes a 13-0 lead with just under five in the first half.

Hall takes the kick at the goal and moves it out just shy of the twenty - Patrick Ramsey takes the field for Denver.

Ramsey to Marshall picks up a nice twelve - again to Marshall - moves it out to the thirty-nine and second and four. Henry for a few on the ground - brings up third and two - incomplete to Graham - Sauerbrun again for the punt. Lions just miss the block - kick sails into the end zone and Detroit takes it at the twenty with just over three minutes in the half. Jones on the ground - Broncos read it perfectly - drop of three - Kitna hits McDonald for a first and the Lions move it out to the twenty five as officials step in for the two minute warning.

Third and five and Kitna hits Williams for a first at the thirty-two. Again to Williams picks up nine - flag on the play - illegal contact on Jeff Shoate adds another five and the Liuons grab another first. Kitna hits Johnson for a quick seventeen and the Lions cross midfield. Jones adds another five and it's second down at the 43 - Kitna picks up another seventeen to Williams - Paymah gets burned badly on the play. Kitna finds McDonald and the Lions move it to the twenty. Incomplete to Williams in the end zone brings up third and five from the twenty wioth 45 seconds in the half. Incomplet to McDonald in the end zone and Hanson trots out for the chip shot. No worries - lead is stretched to 16-0 with 35 seconds of misery left in the half.

Hall gets buried at the fifteen and Ramsey takes charge with time running out. Out of the shotgun Ramsey fumbles but is able to pick it back up and hit Selvin Young for nine. Marshall gets flagged on the play and it's moved back to the thirteen for first and fourteen. Young on the ground for six as the clock expires - Detroit holds a commanding 16-0 first half lead and it doesn't look good for Jay Cutler.

Replays look brutal - although no official word has been released, don't be surprised to see Ramsey finish out the season. It really did look that bad.

3rd Quarter
Lions take the second half kick - move it out to the 36 - Incomplete to Johnson - Short toss to Furrey picks up six - brings up third and four - incomplete to Williams and this marks the first punt the Lions have had the entire game - ouch - kick sail out at the four-yard line, 55-yards on the punt. Broncos can‘t buy a break

Ramsey and Co. are staring at a very long field - on the ground with Henry picks up one. Ramsey nearly gets it pick on a deflection - ball hit's the ground - I take it back, the Broncos got a huge break on that one. Ramsey incomplete down the sideline - Denver goes three and out and Sauerbrun punts it from deep in the end zone. Lions get great position for their second drive of the half.

Kitna lines them up at the 45 and keeps it on the ground with Jones for one. Three more on the ground and Detroit is looking at third and six from just short of midfield. Kitna incomplete and it's a quick three and out for the Lions. Punts sails deep and bounces out at the five - flags are everywhere. Holding on Denver and unsportsmanlike on Detroit offset - ball is brought back for a re-kick. Fair-catch at the eight and Denver's offense takes the field at the 11:15 mark of the third trailing 16-0.

Is it just me - or does time seem to crawl when you're getting hammered on the road?

Here we go again - Another long field for Denver - Ramsey gets sacked at the one - fumbles and the Lions' Dwayne White grabs it easily for the score. More bad news - Matt Lepsis is down - walks off under his own power. Detroit takes a 22-0 lead and Shanahan checks the rulebook for a mercy clause. As the season goes on I'm getting much better at remembering how to spell embarrassment (no need to run a spell check these days).

Hall gets another decent return and the Broncos take over at the thirty-seven. Ramsey to Marshall, ball is dropped bringing up second and ten. Ramsey to Marshall again - pass appears to be caught and fumbled. Lions challenge the incomplete call - play is reviewed and stands as called - pass is incomplete bringing up third down at the thrity-seven. Ramsey to Scheffler picks up fifteen and the Broncos cross midfield for the first time this half. Another dropped pass - this one by Cecil Sapp and Ramsey faces second and ten. Marshall drops another one on the sideline - five dropped passes for the Broncos receivers so far. Ramsey to Marshall, who miraculously holds on - play is good for a first down and Denver nears the Lions thirty. Ramsey across the middle to Henry picks up seven - Denver actually has some momentum - Henry on the ground moves it to the four - it's the longest play of the afternoon for Denver and Henry's still on the ground as trainers take the field.

Henry makes it to his feet as Selvin Young takes the field. First and goal at the five - Young picks up one off tackle. Ramsey gets it batted down at the line of scrimmage - third and goal at the five for Denver. Out of the shot gun - Ramsey misfires to Marshall at the goal line - terrible throw. Denver goes for it on fourth - Ramsey to Marshall on a slant - Lions cover it great - ball drops for an incompletion and the Broncos come up empty again.

Kitna takes over at the four and does his best Brett Farve - hits Sean McHugh for a sweet 46-yard pick up. Follows up with a short toss to McDonald who waltzes untouched down the sidelines 49-yards to pile on Detroits' lead - 30-0. Jim Bates' defense is getting eaten alive.

Bring back the offense - Denver takes a touchback and Ramsey starts it at the twenty. Back to back to Marshall moves it out to the 43 - Ramsey gets sacked for a loss of two. Ramsey to Graham picks up sixteen but the drive stalls at the forty when the Broncos get nailed on a delay of game flag - Sauerbrun sails it to the seventeen where Kitna and Co. prepare to pile it on with two minutes left in the third.

Look on the bright side - it Denver was playing the Patriots this could easily be 80-0.

Lions take over inside the twenty and promptly move it twelve-yards on the ground. This is pathetic - another three on the ground. Detroit makes it look easy. Then again, maybe it is easy - Broncos can not stop the run. Incomplete along the side brings up third down at the thirty -two. Another incomplete forces only the second punt of the day for Detroit. Broncos take it at twenty-six.

Young on the ground for four - Young again and it's a loss of three. Cutler's on the sidelines but he's obviously finished for the day. Preliminary word is that it's a lower leg contusion - possibly not as bad as it looked. Either way it's not encouraging. Quarter comes to a close with Denver trailing 30-0.

4th Quarter
Ramsey hits Scheffler along the side for a first at the thrity-six - Young on the ground for three. Sheffler again nears midfield just short of a first. Third and one it's a sneak for Ramsey - Broncos get the first at the 49. Ramsey drops back for a handoff and the Liuons defense walks through for a six-yard sack. Ramsey to Martinez is good for ten, bringing up third and six. Ramsey to Brian Clark - Clark stretches for the first but it's still ruled short, bringing up fourth and inches. Ramsey to Marshall picks up ten and the Broncos move it to the thirty-two. Two more on the ground with Young - second and eight and Ramsey hits Sapp for a couple, moving it to the twenty-eight. Out of the shotgun - Ramsey gets pressured and lineman Shaun Rogers picks it - sixty-six yards down the field and the big guy makes the highlight reel - Detroit in a massacre - 37-0.

Do we really have to sit through this? Broncos take the kick and return it to the twenty-seven. Ramsey to Scheffler - fumbles it on the tackle - Detroit picks it up and Lewis takes it in for the score. Shanahan has no options but to challenge and keep his fingers crossed. Officials rule the player down and Detroit takes possession on the Denver 34.

With an insurmountable lead - Kitna takes a seat and J.T. O'Sullivan takes control. Duckett on the ground for one - Duckett again, this time for four. D.J. Williams is down (what's new) - officials time out. Third and six - Duckett for a few but flags fly. Defensive off-sides - replay third down. Duckett on the ground - fumbles but recovers his own fumble - moves it down to the two. Everything's going right for Detroit. Duckett powers his way for the score - 44-0 with just over five minutes left. I think I've got kidney issues - this is unreal. The worst blowout I can remember.

Kick sails out of bounds - penalty moves it to the forty. Ramsey miscue to Marshall - more flags. Offensive pass interference - move it back ten-yards. Ramsey to Marshall picks up seven. I wonder if anyone's still psying attention - Pass is batted down bringing up third and thirteen. Ramsey hits Graham crossing midfield. First and ten from the 42. Movement on the line - backs it up again. Please let the clock wind down - Pass to Martinez picks up twelve. Second and three - Ramsey to Young - ball is dropped bringing up third and three. Stokley on the side - Broncos pick up the first and move it to the twenty-six. Out of the shotgun Ramsy hits Young who picks up eight. Blah, Blah, Blah…. Second and one - back to the shotgun - Ramsey finds Stokley for another first, here come the flags. Illegal block to the back - move it back ten… Watch out - Denver may score here - Ramsey tries to find Stokley but flags fly on an interference. Denver takes it at the two on first and goal. Ramsey to Stokley in the corner - so much for the shutout - I feel so much better.

Wait a minute - Lions challenge - maybe he didn't get both feet in - the gods of football smile - the scoreboard actually lights up and the Broncos cut the lead 44-7 with 2:31 remaining. I can't wait…

Can the whole team just take a knee - maybe we can start the Patriots - Colts game early?

Lions are going through the motions - eating the clock on the ground. Oh no - the madness continues - Detroit fumbles and the Broncos actually recover. Please no more… Ramsey tosses it to Martinez - who promptly gets drilled in the back. What a stupid play - the game is over - let's go home… Martinez is down on the field checking to see if his spine is still intact. Ridiculous call - high throw and Glen gets decapitated. Let's just end this before someone else gets carried off. Final gasp - Toss to Marshall moves it inside the five - Ramsey to Clark - fumble - Lions recover in the end zone. Someone shoot me.

Thank you Detroit - O'Sullivan takes a knee at the twenty and the bleeding stops for Denver. Lions in an old fashioned beat down - 44-7. It'll be long plane ride home…

I'd take a look at the stats, but I thinks it more important to find some alcohol. Say goodbye to 2007 - I can't wait till next year…

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