Kennedy waits for word from the NFL

Broncos safety Kenoy Kennedy expects to hear within the next few days whether or not the NFL will fine or suspend him for his helmet to helmet hit on Dolphins receiver Chris Chambers.

DENVER, Colo. - For Kenoy Kennedy and the Denver Broncos it's become a game of wait and see.

Wait and see how much money or how many games the NFL decides on fining the Broncos strong safety for his helmet to helmet hit on Miami receiver Chris Chambers.

The answer should come by Wednesday or Thursday according to NFL spokesman Steve Alic, who said that the league would not hand out any fines or suspensions until they have had the opportunity to review film from all the games this past weekend.

Kennedy, who is slowly becoming one of the league's top financial contributors, has already been fined twice this season, a $7,500 fine for a hit on the Rams Isaac Bruce on opening day, followed by a $10,000 fine for a hit on San Diego's Fred McCrary last week.

Along with the fines came a stern warning that any further violations would not be tolerated.

This latest infraction is expected to cost Kennedy dearly, and will more than likely result in suspension for the third year veteran. Exactly how many games is anybody's guess, but considering the NFL's stance on repeated violations, you can expect it to be severe.

"I'm just going out there to play hard," Kennedy said. "I'm trying to do my job and separate the receiver from the ball. But anytime you see a guy go down like that, there's nothing fun about that. I'm a family man and I know how my family would feel. I'm sure his family was quite worried and scared for him."

Chambers lay motionless for nearly five minutes before being helped off the field and carted to the locker room for observation. Preliminary reports indicate the receiver suffered a concussion from the blow.

"I'm sure his intent was not to hit anyone in the helmet," head coach Mike Shanahan said Monday. "But when a guy jumps up, he wants to hit him in the chest so he does not come down with the ball. Now all of a sudden you go a little too high and obviously it's going to be penalized."

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