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Kennedy's case hits snag - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Friday, October 25, 2002 - Deep down, Denver safety Kenoy Kennedy was hoping San Diego safety Rodney Harrison would not be suspended one game for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Oakland wide receiver Jerry Rice, as he was Thursday.

Kickers given shot at lineup - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Friday, October 25, 2002 - Each of the eight players assembled at Broncos headquarters Thursday was given 10 kicks to try to kick Jason Elam out of a kickoff job.

It isn't easy being Griese - Denver Post - Clay Latimer
October 25, 2002 - MIAMI - Brian Griese did all he could do to set up the perfect ending to his high school football career. He tossed passes to his receivers for hours on muggy summer mornings, pumped iron, watched hours of videotape, then saw his plans get blown away in late August 1992, when South Floridians started boarding-up windows and rushing to stores for emergency supplies.

The two sides of Brian Griese - Rocky Mountain News
October 25, 2002 - Pro: Son of two-time Super Bowl champion QB. Con: Critics say he isn't a natural leader

WR Lelie growing into role- Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
October 25, 2002 - Dude, you have to make those. That was the advice Rod Smith had for Ashley Lelie after the rookie receiver slipped behind his defender only to let a perfectly thrown pass slip threw his fingers in Kansas City.

Shell's appointment holds some appeal- Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
October 25, 2002 - The NFL handed out a suspension and hired someone to handle player appeals on Thursday, two decisions that perked up some ears around the Denver Broncos' complex.

No resting easy during week off- Boston Globe - Nick Cafardo
October 25, 2002 - Most Patriots players were able to use last weekend's time off to forget about football for a few days and just relax. Not so for Maurice Anderson, whose getaway was a harsh slap of reality. Anderson, a defensive tackle on the Patriots' practice squad, grew up and lives in the Richmond area, not far from the sites of the recent sniper shootings.

Light put on the spot- Boston Globe - Nick Cafardo
October 25, 2002 - You can't miss Matt Light. He plays left tackle, one of the high-profile positions the TV cameras focus on. When the quarterback gets sacked, you usually see a very upset left tackle. The nature of the position is that he may miss one or two blocks a game, and those one or two plays get magnified.

Light put on the spot- Boston Globe - Nick Cafardo
October 25, 2002 - In the Patriots' ever-changing defense, we won't know until game time which lucky defender will get to cover Shannon Sharpe, who caught 12 passes for an NFL-record 214 yards (most ever for a tight end) against Kansas City last week. But with the assignment being a high priority, you can bet Tebucky Jones will be involved.

Smith Ready to Shoulder Load- - Andrew Mason
Oct. 10, 2002 - It was just four days ago that Rod Smith suffered a separated shoulder during the Broncos' 26-9 win over the San Diego Chargers. But to the ninth-year wide receiver, it was ancient, forgettable history.

Fantasy Focus: Strength vs. Strength- - Andrew Mason
Oct. 10, 2002 - One cannot deny Miami's rightful place near the head of the adults' table of the NFL's dinner banquet in 2002. And of their strong statistics, perhaps the one that is most alarming for fantasy players considering playing a Broncos running back -- particularly Clinton Portis, after his ascension into the workhorse slot during the last three weeks -- is the Dolphins' run-defense prowess.

Team needs more kick on kick-off- - Patrick Saunders
Oct. 24, 2002 - Jason Elam shares the record for the longest field goal in NFL history (63 yards in 1998), and he kicked a 55-yarder against Miami earlier this season. But Elam's kickoffs have never been his strength, and this season they have been shorter than usual.

Fantasy Focus: Well-Grounded- - Andrew Mason
Oct. 24, 2002 - For fantasy players, the Broncos' skill-position players have provided smiles in recent weeks -- particularly those involved with the passing game. Quarterback Brian Griese's four consecutive 300-yard games, and outstanding statistical performances in recent weeks from Rod Smith, Ed McCaffrey and, against the Chiefs, Shannon Sharpe have been among the finest of the season to date.

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