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Ed McCaffrey (in photo) returned to form in Sunday's win over the New England Patriots. Check out Monday's links to stories about the game.

Answering the call - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Monday, October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO, Mass. - Sometimes games do not boil down to plays so much as they do calls. With the New England crowd cheering, with the Patriots' defense panting, with a third-and-8 at Sunday's two-minute warning awaiting, Broncos offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak turned to Denver coach Mike Shanahan for the call that would decide the game.

Pats fan hits Bowlen with bottle of beer - Denver Post
Monday, October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO, Mass. - Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen celebrated his team's 24-16 victory Sunday with a bottle of beer. Thrown against his left shoulder.

Pats' peek at plan is no gain - Denver Post - Woody Paige
Monday, October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO, Mass. - In a beguiling plot straight out of a World War II spy novel, the New England Patriots apparently got access on Sunday to misplaced and stolen Denver Broncos secret documents and could have cracked The Shanahan Foxboro Offensive.

Portis playing with patience, perseverance - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Monday, October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO, Mass. - Rookie Clinton Portis entered the league with a reputation befitting his Miami Hurricanes heritage. He was all about speed and the big-play ability to blow away defenses.

Hamilton steps right in - Denver Post - Terry Frei
Monday, October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO, Mass. - With the offensive linemen assembled on the north end of the bench in Gillette Stadium between Denver possessions, Broncos offensive line coaches Alex Gibbs and Rick Dennison took turns holding the notebook and flipping through the pages.

Defending champ Patriots take four-game nosedive - Denver Post - Matt Kalman
Monday, October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO, Mass. - New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is in a predicament similar to Brian Griese's, circa 1999.

Road warriors - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO, Mass. - If you want a muted perspective on the Denver Broncos, usually defensive tackle Chester McGlockton is a good place to start. As one of the team's leaders, he's about as colorful as a cautious coach. He's prone to talk about striving for shutouts every game or warn about prematurely labeling his team as anything other than solid until the schedule is completed. But even McGlockton was just a tad wide-eyed after Denver improved to 6-2 with a 24-16 decision Sunday against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

Eddie Mac back - Rocky Mountain News - Lynn DeBruin
October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO, Mass. - He touts a soon-to-be released sports drink called Fizz Ed. But a week ago, critics were wondering whether Ed McCaffrey had gone flat. He had only one catch for 4 yards and was virtually invisible in an overtime victory against Kansas City. Well, the Fizz is back in Eddie Mac.

Pryce thankful for ref's non-call - Rocky Mountain News - Lynn DeBruin
October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO, Mass. - Trevor Pryce didn't have to think twice about how to spend his day off following Sunday's big victory. "I'm going to church in the morning," he said. The Denver Broncos defensive end had good reason for wanting to say a little prayer of thanks.

Broncos run according to plan - Rocky Mountain News - Tim Casey
October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO, Mass. - It took the Denver Broncos almost no time Sunday to establish their game plan. On their first possession, Brian Griese handed the ball three times to rookie running back Clinton Portis. On his third touch, Portis followed right guard Dan Neil into the end zone. Broncos 7, New England Patriots 0.

Special teams not too special - Rocky Mountain News - Tim Casey
October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO, Mass. - It's usually automatic. When the Broncos line up in average field-goal range, they nearly are perfect. In fact, Jason Elam made his past 30 kicks from within 42 yards. That is, until Sunday.

Lincicome: Bye week? Bye-bye Broncos' streak - Rocky Mountain News - Bernie Lincicome
October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO, Mass. - Bye, bye bye week. Note to the NFL office: No thanks. The Denver Broncos will just go from here, doing what they've been doing the past couple of weeks, roaring along on the Big Bandwagon Momentum, which should be an express, not a local.

Broncos march past Patriots - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
October 28, 2002 - FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Brian Griese is thrilled to be the quarterback of a 6-2 team. "It's big for us," he said Sunday after the Denver Broncos 24-16 victory over the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. "For us to be 6-2 at this point is very good."

Thorburn: Broncos may be ready to take Pats' place - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
October 28, 2002 - FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — The Patriots are wicked bad. They traded the wrong quarterback. They can't run or stop the run. Bill Belichick's genius pills prescription has expired. Super Bowl? Already a distant memory in these parts.

Portis is Shanahan's man - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
October 28, 2002 - FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — How much confidence does Mike Shanahan have in rookie Clinton Portis? Enough to make KaRon Coleman his backup.

Defense comes up big with well-timed sacks - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
October 28, 2002 - FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Trevor Pryce should be in Mike Shanahan's doghouse this morning. Maybe he still is. The Denver Broncos' defensive end, with the game still up for grabs in the final minutes, grabbed Tom Brady's face mask, gave it a yank and then sacked the New England quarterback for a 7-yard loss.

Bronco notes - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
October 28, 2002 - Elam missed field goal attempts of 48 and 39 yards wide right. The former Pro Bowl placekicker, who signed a one-year deal during training camp and will be a free agent at season's end, is now 5-for-10 this season from 40 yards and out.

Broncos hand Patriots 4th straight loss - Boston Globe - Nick Cafardo
October 28, 2002 - FOXBOROUGH - As a cocaptain and team leader, Lawyer Milloy usually addresses the media after games. Not yesterday. He was so upset he declined interviews, and his frustration was evident when he punched the locker room door on his way out following a 24-16 loss to the Denver Broncos yesterday.

Team's effort throws off Brady a bit - Boston Globe - Dan Shaughnessy
October 28, 2002 - FOXBOROUGH - It's not happening on the field, so now quarterback Tom Brady is trying to make it happen in the huddle and in the locker room. After yesterday's loss to the Broncos, New England's fourth straight, young Brady issued some challenges to his teammates.

No bucking this trend - Answers not forthcoming - Boston Globe - Ron Borges
October 28, 2002 - FOXBOROUGH - What were they attending the last two weeks in Foxborough? Pottery class? Coming off their bye week, Bill Belichick's New England Patriots were supposed to be well prepared to face the Denver Broncos yesterday.

Fall in New England - Boston Globe - Kevin Paul Dupont
October 28, 2002 - FOXBOROUGH - A good day on defense isn't spent on the other side of the ball, but on the side of the field. There is a time-tested three-step program to success: first down, second down, third down, and gratefully hand the field over to the punt returners.

A weak effort after a week off - Boston Globe - Michael Vega
October 28, 2002 - FOXBOROUGH - They had two weeks to prepare. Two weeks to get back to basics after three straight losses. Two weeks to iron out some of the kinks that had plagued them during that woeful stretch.

McCaffrey manages middle for Broncos - Boston Globe - Frank Dell'Apa
October 28, 2002 - FOXBOROUGH - Ed McCaffrey did not touch the ball until the final play of the second quarter of Denver's 24-16 win over the Patriots yesterday. But once McCaffrey became involved in the offense, the Broncos were on their way.

Patriots corps wasn't on the receiving end - Boston Globe - Michael Smith
October 28, 2002 - FOXBOROUGH - Bright side: Tom Brady did not commit a turnover. Though he was sacked a season-high five times by the Broncos yesterday, he did not fumble. And for the first time since Week 1, Brady did not throw an interception, after having thrown seven in his previous three games.

Commentary inside, and outside, the booth - Boston Globe - Bill Griffith
October 28, 2002 - FOXBOROUGH - As the clock wound down in the final seconds of the Patriots' 24-16 loss to Denver last night at Gillette Stadium, CBS analyst Phil Simms sounded like a guy who wished he were back in uniform.

Broncos owner Bowlen takes hit - Boston Globe - Nick Cafardo and Michael Vega
October 28, 2002 - FOXBOROUGH - As Broncos owner Pat Bowlen was leaving Gillette Stadium near the end of yesterday's game he was hit by a plastic beer bottle thrown from the end zone stands.

Sharpe slowed, not stopped - Boston Globe - Nick Cafardo
October 28, 2002 - The Patriots did have at least one area of success in yesterday's 24-16 loss to the Broncos: They held tight end Shannon Sharpe in check.

Pats just can't bye a victory: Streak at 4 after Denver defeat - Boston Herald - Michael Felger
October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO - The Patriots seemed to have everything going for them. Two weeks of rest. Good health. A back-to-basics approach. They even had the benefit of a careless opponent who made crucial mistakes even before getting off the team plane Saturday.

Patriots Notebook - Boston Herald - Michael Felger
October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO - "The soap opera is going to start (today)," said linebacker Tedy Bruschi, who will face off against his former teammate Sunday when the Patriots travel to Buffalo to face the Bills.

Broncos can't give it away: Stumbling Pats don't accept gifts - Boston Herald - Michael Gee
October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO - Three losses in a row is a slump. Four is a terrifying slide into the bottomless pit of a squandered season. But for the Patriots, the scariest thing about yesterday's loss is that their opponent did far more to lose it than win it. Denver led wire to wire in its 24-16 victory anyway.

Belichick pressed in corner: Coach can't find answers - Boston Herald - Kevin Mannix
October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO - There weren't a lot of questions for Bill Belichick after the Patriots' 24-16 loss to the Broncos at Gillette Stadium yesterday. Only seven, in fact, were asked of the Patriots coach in his two-minute, 48-second, funereal postgame press conference.

Brady gets taste of boos: QB struggles again as Pats fail to convert - Boston Herald - Karen Guregian
October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO - The Tom Brady boo-birds were out much earlier in yesterday's loss to Denver than they were in the previous home game against Green Bay before the bye. It wasn't long into the second quarter, following an incomplete pass, that the Super Bowl MVP was once again showered with boos as he jogged off the field.

Forward progress halted - Boston Herald - Mark Murphy
October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO - Antowain Smith appeared ready for a breakout performance yesterday afternoon.

Tedy bears responsibility - Boston Herald - Rich Thompson
October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO - According to Patriots middle linebacker Tedy Bruschi, the job of turning around the Pats defense begins with him.

Law and order needs to be established - Boston Herald - Dan Ventura
October 28, 2002 - FOXBORO - Ty Law stood in front of his locker yesterday at Gillette Stadium, equal parts anger and frustration seeping from his body.

Broncos' McCaffrey comes up big - Boston Herald - Michael O'Connor
October 28, 2002 - No wonder Ed McCaffrey spends so much time in the trainer's room after a game, having his bruised and battered body overhauled: The guy doesn't wear protective padding.

Offense Carries Over Momentum from Kansas City in First Half - - Andrew Mason
Oct. 27, 2002 - FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Seven days earlier, the Broncos offense ended the first half in the throes of a full-fledged funk.

Defense Sets Early Tone, Stifling Pats' Attack at Start - - Andrew Mason
Oct. 27, 2002 - FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- It only took 35 minutes for darkness to envelop Gillette Stadium during the Week 8 duel between the Broncos and Patriots. It took less than half that time for the Broncos' defense to assert its dominance.

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