Broncos Fourth Round picks sound off

Read what OL Kory Lichtensteiger and cornerback Jack Willliams, the Denver Broncos' fourth round draft picks have to say about their selections.


On whether he will fit in with the Broncos' offensive scheme
"I know it is a zone-blocking scheme, and that is the kind of offense I come from. This is definitely a dream come true because the Broncos were one of the teams I was hoping for big time."

On playing guard or center
"I am going in as a center but a center that can play guard, too."

On his shoulder injury
"I am about eight-and-a-half weeks out of the scope surgery that I had, and it is feeling good. Obviously I am not ready to play just yet. It is a four-to-five month recovery time, and I am already two months in but it is feeling good."

On how he fits into the Broncos' scheme
"They know better at this point than I do. I am just a hard worker, and football is the thing that I think God has blessed me with. I have the ability, and I am going to work my butt off for them and that is all I can say right now."


On playing through injuries
"It was pretty tough playing through all of the injuries, but I'm tough and I did it. Some of my coaches would comment about my injuries, but when anything happened I took the blame for it.

"I think that was a big concern for a lot of teams. I'm not sure how much it affected my draft stock, but I know it probably shied teams away with my performance from my senior year. I think what saved me was how well I played my junior year.

"I am 100 percent right now."

On how he will fit into the Broncos' secondary
"I don't know too much about their DBs, but I know they have my style of play as far as the secondary. They have [CB] Champ [Bailey] and a guy from my neighborhood, [CB] Dré Bly--he's right from my neck of the woods. I'm ready to go."

On playing special teams
I played all special teams [units]. It's always been an important part of my game."

On leading the nation with five forced fumbles his junior year
"That's something I work on. If you can't pick the ball, you want to try to strip it or jar it loose somehow. That's something that we always stressed here at camp."

On making sure his teammates attended class
"I've done that my whole time here. When I was younger, the older guys made sure I got to class. I just try to make sure everybody is in class because you're not helping the team by not being eligible. I made sure that my younger teammates--and even if they weren't younger--were going to class and doing the things that they needed to do to help the team."

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