Ryan Clady Press Conference

Denver Broncos first round pick OT Ryan Clady speaks to the media.


On his last 24 hours since being drafted by Denver
"I would probably say hectic. You know, not a lot of sleep. A lot of phone calls--my phone has been blowing up [with] 'Congratulations' and stuff like that. It's been fun, though, especially my family with the party we had. It's a good time."

On the conversation he had with Denver when he was drafted
"It was exciting. It was fast--right when they got on the clock the call came. I really couldn't talk at first. [There] was a lot of screaming, so I had to wait a while before I could communicate back and forth."

On his athleticism
"I can dunk. I like playing basketball, it's fun. It's something I've done a lot growing up."

On his ideal playing weight
"I would say [I'm comfortable] around 320 [pounds]--in that range--maybe 318 [pounds]. I'm around there right now."

On whether he had talked to QB Jay Cutler
"He texted me yesterday. He just said he was excited to have me back there [protecting his blind side], and I said I was, too."

On declaring for the draft after his junior season
"I feel good about my decision, and I had a great career up at Boise State. I felt that I pretty much accomplished everything that I wanted to accomplish. I just thought it was time to take my talents to the next level."

On why he wasn't highly recruited out of high school
"I'm not sure exactly why I wasn't [highly] recruited. I did play defensive line in high school, but most schools recruited me as an offensive lineman. 'Hawk' [University of Colorado Head Coach and former Boise State Head Coach Dan Hawkins] just recruited me--just took a chance on me because I never really played the position [and he] didn't know if it would work out or not. I went on my recruiting trip up there [to Boise State] and I just loved all of the coaches and the players, and it just felt like a brotherhood up there. I felt the most comfortable there so I went with that decision."

On whether he had talked to Dan Hawkins
"No, I haven't heard from him, but I'll probably give him a visit when I get back in town sometime."

On continuing to wear blue and orange
"It looks like I'm going to be orange and blue for a while now. [I'll] continue to be a Bronco."

On how he developed confidence
"Just working on my game and [by] how hard I work. You develop some comfort and confidence playing the position I play. You have to be confident."

On whether he has room to grow
"Definitely, I've been growing. I'm just excited for the new techniques to learn and the new scheme--I'm definitely excited for that."

On why he quit playing football for a period during his youth
"I don't really know. I just had to make weight every week, so it [was] kind of a challenge for me. I didn't really want to have to do that year-in and year-out. I had to be under 130 [pounds]...When I signed up I think I was around 140 [pounds], 145."

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