Ryan Torain teleconference

Denver Broncos fifth round pick RB Ryan Torain speaks to the media.


On how it feels to be a Bronco
"I am so excited. They are a great running team, a great place to play, a great coach, great players and a great team. I can't wait. I am excited to be there."

On his health
"I feel great. I am back to 100 percent, and I have been working out every day. When I got hurt it was a bad situation, and I couldn't finish my season. I just stayed on the grind, got back to 100 percent and tried to showcase my talent."

On the exact injury
"I tore a ligament in my foot, they call it Lisfranc. Rehab went amazing. I had a new surgery where they put buttons in my foot to tie it together. In the past, they used to use screws and you would have to have two surgeries. I had that new surgery and it healed up faster."

On when he expected to be drafted
"They said right in between mid third and early fifth [round]. I stayed cool and stayed patient. I watched a lot of my friends go and a lot of guys I have met throughout this whole process. It has been a real good day."

On what he brings to the Denver running game
"I am very versatile. I can catch out of the backfield, I can line up as a receiver and I run down hill. I can make guys miss, and I feel like I can do great things for this team."

On recovering from such a serious injury
"I had a great foot specialist, so I was not skeptical at all. I was just ready to get back on the field. I am working out on agility and quick twitch. I am just trying to stay in shape."

On his draft status had he not of been hurt
"I really can't call it. The draft is the draft. I was ranked at the top at the beginning of the year. I was at the top of the list, but once I got hurt and was done for the season it all fell apart. I just had to pick all the pieces up and rebuild."

On the Broncos' success at the running back position
"Watching the running backs throughout the year, they are a great team with a great running. I can't wait to be in it."

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