Gannon, Raiders Upset Broncos

The Oakland Raiders spoiled MNF for the Denver Broncos behind Rich Gannon's record setting passing. Read about the game and some devastating Denver injuries in today's story links.

Crushed by Gannon-ball - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - If possible - and what isn't in this wacky NFL season? - the Denver Broncos lived through a Monday night even worse than the one they experienced in Baltimore.

Broncos miss out on 'MNF' magic - Denver Post - Woody Paige
Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - Howard would have pontificated that Rich Gannon and Jerry Rice were the epiphenomenal epitome of duality, and Dandy Don would have crooned "Turn out the Broncos, the party's over."

Sharpe's tangle with Romo costs TE - Denver Post
Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - Before Monday night's first quarter ended, the Denver Broncos lost. During the third quarter, they lost more.

Four yards add up to Griese's guilt - Denver Post - Mark Kiszla
Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - Cancel those Super Bowl reservations. Blame Brian Griese. The Denver Broncos were this close to emerging as the prohibitive favorite in the AFC, by driving a stake through the cold, cruel heart of dirty Al Davis.

Gannon picks Broncos apart with no trouble - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - Rich Gannon played like a ghost Monday night. He haunted the Broncos in their house. He was all but untouchable.

Romanowki's play finished off Denver - Denver Post - Joseph Sanchez
Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - The old defensive back scored on a 98-yard interception return Monday night to get the Oakland Raiders off to a 10-0 start.

Misfortune 500 - Rocky Mountain News - Lynn DeBruin
November 12, 2002 - Jerry Rice, Rod Woodson and Rich Gannon are older than those canary-yellow throwback blazers worn Monday night by ABC's broadcast crew. Yet on a day set aside to honor veterans, some of the NFL's oldest players took the biggest bows, with classic performances in Oakland's 34-10 upset victory against the Denver Broncos.

Oakland unleashes Gannon fire - Rocky Mountain News - Brad Byler
November 12, 2002 - On a night that the NFL and the ABC television network were celebrating the best performances in Monday Night Football history, Oakland Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon gave them one right before their eyes.

Raiders' Romanowski plays with same fervor - Rocky Mountain News - Pat Rooney
November 12, 2002 - Sometimes it was a bone-rattling hit. Other times it was a controversial play that fans and critics alike would discuss for weeks afterward. Regardless of what he did, Bill Romanowski always made his presence felt whenever he stepped on the field

Krieger: Nighttime not the right time for Broncos - Rocky Mountain News - Dave Krieger
November 12, 2002 - This was playing poker at a table of drunks. Walking into a debate and finding your opponent is James Stockdale. Getting into a popularity contest at Qwest with Joe Nacchio. What I'm saying is, this opportunity was better than golden, although it will remind you a lot of golden opportunities if you actually invest in gold.

Lincicome: Broncos too timid for Raiders - Rocky Mountain News - Bernie Lincicome
November 12, 2002 - For thrills, this one will not break into the top 50 of the 84 football engagements between the Broncos and the Raiders, never mind the top 100 of 500 Monday Night Football games, an absolute clunker of a bump and grope, excepting the elasticity of Oakland quarterback Rich Gannon's right arm, a marvel of redundancy and accuracy.

'MNF' just means May Not Function - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
November 12, 2002 - Monday nights continue to be a losing proposition for the Denver Broncos, no matter the result on the scoreboard. Nearly every time the team has played in front of Al Michaels and Co. in recent years, a key skill-position player has gone down with a significant injury.

Neither kickoffs nor punts left Broncos' Knorr happy - Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer and Lynn DeBruin
November 12, 2002 - Micah Knorr's first official moment as a Denver Broncos player won't be remembered fondly by either the player or his coaches. His opening kickoff sailed out of bounds.

'MNF' at 500: '94 Broncos-Chiefs vintage - Rocky Mountain News - Clay Latimer
November 12, 2002 - Yellow blazers. Frank Gifford and John Elway. Flashback images of Earl Campbell, Joe Montana and Dan Marino. Colorful stories about Howard Cosell. It was retro night in the Rockies as the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders met in ABC's 500th Monday Night Football telecast.

Lady Luck - Denver fans need Bromo-Seltzer after Romo belts 'er - Rocky Mountain News - Kevin Vaughan
November 12, 2002 - For six years, he was the man Denver Broncos fans hated to love, the guy they wanted on their team mostly because they didn't want him on the other team.

Gannon throws Broncos for a loss - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
November 12, 2002 - The NFL is too predictable. The Oakland Raiders were reeling, losers of four consecutive games. No team has ever won the Super Bowl with such a streak. And the silver and black had not won a game in this town since 1994.

Hutchinson: Interceptions continue to derail Griese - Daily Camera - Barney Hutchinson
November 12, 2002 - Brian Griese keeps tripping over three letters on his way to being a solid, game-managing quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Those letters are "int," the abbreviation for interceptions in any statistical listing.

Gannon nickel and dimes Broncos - Daily Camera - Zak Brown
November 12, 2002 -Micah Knorr did his job Monday night. In his first game replacing longtime Denver Bronco and former University of Colorado star Tom Rouen as punter, Knorr dropped a third-quarter punt inside the 5-yard line, leaving the Oakland Raiders with 96 yards of space and the league's best run defense between them and the end zone .

Gannon nickel and dimes Broncos - Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
November 12, 2002 - The Denver Broncos' 34-10 loss to the Oakland Raiders was the least of their worries after Monday night's game. Tight end Shannon Sharpe and defensive end Trevor Pryce — a future Hall of Famer and the best current defensive player on the team, respectively — could both be out of the lineup for at least two weeks.

Game 9 report - Daily Camera
November 12, 2002 - Rich Gannon. The ageless veteran was on his game from the start and shredded Denver's secondary.

Milestones at Mile High - San Francisco Chronicle - Nancy Gay
Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - Denver -- Stung by waves of criticism and desperate to salvage a season that once seemed to hold Super Bowl promise, this was the defining performance the Raiders had feverishly sought.

Romanowski returns to haunt Shanahan, Sharpe- San Francisco Chronicle - Nancy Gay and Ira Miller
Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - Denver -- Bill Romanowski dreamed of this kind of game, an in-your-face statement to the team and the coach that decided that, at age 36, he no longer had the game to be an every-down player.

Offense comes alive at just the right time- San Francisco Chronicle - Ira Miller
Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - Denver -- So much for offensive balance. The Raiders junked the running game Monday night, but they might have salvaged their season. They barely even tried to run. Of course, they didn't have to.

Gannon's Surgery Proves Damaging for Broncos- - Andrew Mason
Nov. 11, 2002 - For the Broncos, it was death by paper cuts. Oakland Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon spent most of Monday evening nicking and scratching the life out of the Denver defense, stealthily slitting it with a series of short tosses that helped doom Denver to a 34-10 defeat, the most lopsided loss the Broncos have endured at INVESCO Field at Mile High.

Raiders recall Broncos' ploys- - James Merilatt
Nov. 11, 2002 - Denver Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanahan is fond of using boxing analogies when talking about the progress of his team. Each game is only one round of a 16-round bout, he likes to point out.

Notebook: Griese's Completion Streak Overshadowed- - Andrew Mason
Nov. 11, 2002 - Rich Gannon's streak of 21 consecutive completions and his 34-of-38 passing night during the Raiders' 34-10 romp over the Broncos got the attention, but Denver quarterback Brian Griese also turned in an impressive streak of his own, connecting on 16 consecutive passes.

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