First day of practice

The Denver Broncos wrapped up the first day of training camp. Read comments from Kerry Colbert.

On rotating with the first team in practice

"Today was the first day, so we just rotated in when the coach told us. That is how we did it during the mini camp sessions. Obviously, Brandon (Stokley) wasn't practicing, so it was a little different, but nothing different than any other year."

On the difference between OTA's, mini camps, and training camp

"The fact that we are in training camp lets you know that the season is around the corner. Putting on the pads, and getting a little contact. As far as the OTA's and mini camps, we got to know the teammates, throwing around with the guys. I was familiar in that sense, but at the same time, anytime you get to training camp, it's mentally the start of a season, a fresh start. Everybody's goal is obviously to get to the Super Bowl so that is what we are starting to do."

On the wide receiver competition

"We have a lot of depth this year. A lot of people will play, and a lot of people are going to catch balls, a lot of people do different things. People are talking about competition and are hyping it up, but realistically we have all played in this league, we all know we can play. As far as that goes, we are all here trying to get better, to learn the offense. We are just trying to continue to get familiar with the offense and be ready when the games come on Sunday."

On the teams confidence level, coming off a losing season

"Because you have a bad year, doesn't mean you are a bad team, one year, and the next year. I think that we are in a good position, because I think this team is talented, and loaded. We brought in a good group of guys so it adds to what they already had. I think that will help us and get everybody excited for the season and the opportunity that we have with this team, and try and take it forward."

On the chemistry of the team

"I think it's real good because you always want to be around positive people. It's a long season, and you have some ups and downs, and you want to make sure you are around positive people so when you face challenges you don't go south, and keep an even head about it. That's the type of guys we have on this team. We have a lot of older guys, guys that have played a lot of football games. You might lose a game, or have a bad game, but the goal is to get to the playoffs and once you get in the playoffs the goal is to win the Super Bowl. I think that will be our focus, and with the locker room we have I don't think that will be a problem."

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