Coach's Corner - Mike Shanahan

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan spoke to the media following last night's win over the Arizona Cardinals, discussing the state of the team as they prepare to open up the season against Oakland.

Mike Shanahan
Opening comments:
"I think overall we turned out fairly healthy. I think (LB) Lou Green has a minor hamstring (injury). Exactly how severe it is I really don't know at this time. I should know in the next day or two, but I thought that was some great effort out there and I was pleased with the effort going into the fourth game. I got a chance to evaluate some second and third-team players today. We had some great competition out there. We'll go back and look at that film later on tonight and early in the morning and make some decisions tomorrow to determine who our top 53 guys will be."

On how tough it will be to decide the 53-man roster in a short period of time:
"Yes, normally we play this game on a Thursday night. Obviously playing on a Friday night is a lot tougher, but you have to deal with the schedule."

On the possibility of cutting good quality players:
"A lot of good players are cut in the National Football League. There is a lot of competition obviously Arizona feels the same way. You got to make it (the decision to cut) and you're hoping that if they don't make your club they've got a chance to play in the National Football League. We got a lot of guys who have worked extremely hard to take advantage on an opportunity some will some won't. Obviously, you hope the guys that don't make your team will get a chance elsewhere."

On the possibility of RB Anthony Alridge making the team based on his 100-yard effort tonight:
"Well obviously I'm not going to tell you our squad. I thought we had some great competition out there today. I thought Anthony did a good job."

On his expectations for the upcoming season:
"Well, I think everybody is looking forward toward their opening day game. Obviously playing the Raiders we are sure looking forward to that. But before we do that we have a couple of days to take care of business. Everything is directed toward your first game of the season. Obviously playing somebody in the AFC West can't get any bigger than that especially when it's on Monday night away."

On the play of QB Darrell Hackney:
"I thought Hack did a good job. He made some big plays today especially down the fourth quarter. He did a good job scrambling and made a couple of good throws. He's 250 pounds and 6-foot not your prototype quarterback, but I'm very proud of the way he handled himself. He lasted the whole game, which was a positive because Patrick (Ramsey) was hurting today. He could've gone in there and probably hand the ball off. I'm not really sure he could've thrown the football."

On the status of C Tom Nalen:
"Same thing we have talked about before. We'll find out next week. We'll just see how he's going to do. Is it one week or three weeks I can't tell you. We'll just have to wait and see."

On if the decision was already made about the 53-man roster before tonight's game:
"No, we had a number of players that we weren't really sure about and obviously we are not going to go into how many. There is a number of players that we will have to make decisions on. We'll get a chance to go back and evaluate that film like I said later tonight and early in the morning and we'll make a decision."

On being crowded at the linebacker position:
"That's a problem you want to have. You want to be crowded in a lot of positions. We have more depth there than we had in the past. Hopefully we didn't loose Lou (Green) today."

On if he is pleased with the WR Brandon Marshall appeal:
"Obviously going from two games to one game I'm very pleased with that. That's why they have the appeal process. They go through it and obviously I'd like him not have any (games suspended), but obviously one is better than two. As I told Brandon before you don't worry about something you can't control and just concentrate on football and I think he's done that."

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