Schon:Picks of the Week

Broncos Update columnist Michael Schon breaks out all the picks for Week One of the NFL season.

Well here we are again, a little older, a little wiser and possibly a bit more sober. I'll be banging it out all season with picks for EVERY NFL game against the spread. Think you got what it takes to go heads up – drop me a line and we'll get it on. Weekly prizes to the best handicapper in the Mile High City.

GIANTS (-4) over the Redskins - W
PATRIOTS (-16.5) over KC - L
Bengals (-1.5) over BALTIMORE - L
Lions (-3) over ATLANTA - L
Jets (-3) over the DOLPHINS - W
Texans (+6.5) over PITT - L
Jaguars (-3) over the TITANS - L
SAINTS (-3.5) over the Bucs - L
NINERS (+2.5) over the Cards - L
BILLS (-1) over Seattle - W
EAGLES (-7.5) over St. Louis - W
Panthers (+9) over the CHARGERS - W
Cowboys (-5.5) over the BROWNS - W
COLTS (-9.5) over duh Bears - L

PACKERS (-2.5) over the Vikes - W
Broncos (–3) over the Faiders - W
(home teams in CAPS)

Wow...that was kind of a bust. Eight in - eight out. Chances are I could have done better if i'd been drinking. I'll work on that for next week...

Week One
8 - Wins
8- Losses

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