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Denver Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall spoke to the media following Wednesday's practice session to discuss his relationship with Jay Cutler, Mike Shanahan and his record setting 18-catches.

Brandon Marshall
On if he feels he is making up for lost time
"I'm definitely happy to be back out there and be a part of such an explosive offense. I think the main thing that's gotten us going is everything that we have in common. We're a fairly young offense and a fairly young team. Even the older guys on the team, we kind of keep them young with the things that we do, and keep them involved on the field and off the field."

On his relationship with QB Jay Cutler
"Like I said, I just think getting drafted the same year helps, having a lot in common, being able to not just have chemistry on the field, but off. I think the famous line this offseason was, 'He's not my favorite person,' and that's just the relationship we have. It's kind of a brotherly type of relationship, and it has its ups and downs, but in the end we're family and that's all that matters."

On QB Jay Cutler's comments about him during the offseason
"I wouldn't say back and forth, because he's our quarterback, he's our leader, and when he made those comments he did it for a reason. I wasn't going to go back and forth with him because he was right. We never even talked about it -- we went to dinner and just kind of got over it and moved on from there. It was something he felt needed to be said and I took it in stride and took constructive criticism and now I'm excited about our future as an organization and my future as a person."

On whether he is looking forward to going against the New Orleans Saints defense
"Yeah. It's always exciting going against a team on the level of the Saints. I think teams like ourselves and the Saints are teams that are up-and-coming and the teams of the future. It's kind of weird to see that they gave up so many points and so many yards in the passing game, but when you look at third down, they're ranked third in the National Football League. In the red zone, I believe they're top three, too. It's going to be tough. It's not easy, and they've got a defense that flies to the ball, all 11 men hustling. They hit hard and they're hungry, so it's not going to be easy but we're definitely not backing down."

On whether he ever dreamt of 18 catches in one day
"It didn't even seem like that many balls. I didn't know until I got to the sideline. (Former Broncos wide receiver) Rod Smith was at the game, and when I came to the sideline he said, 'Hey you little boy, you broke my record.' I said, 'What?' He said, 'Catches,' and I said, 'What was the record?' He said, '14,' I said, 'How many did I have?' He said, '18,' I said, 'Oh' (laughs). I was so tired, I was just trying to stay focused and stay in the game mentally."

On how he felt the next day
"Really sore, but being around a guy like (former Broncos wide receiver) Rod Smith, and the (former Broncos safety) John Lynches and the (Broncos cornerback) Champ Baileys, they showed me how to be a pro on my off days as far as getting back right and recovering. Now I'm feeling good and I'm ready for this Sunday."

On Eddie Royal
I think Eddie took the world by storm and everybody knows what he's capable of doing."

On if he lived with QB Jay Cutler while suspended
"When the suspension was shortened, plans changed a little bit, but I definitely stayed in touch with him, and he made sure that I was on top of my game as far as running routes and catching balls every day, and he didn't let me slack. I wasn't going to let myself slack, but he definitely stayed on me. I think the guys in the locker room, they did a good job of keeping me in the game mentally and still giving me words of encouragement to feel like I'm still a part of the team while I was out."

On QB Jay Cutler's progression
"The biggest difference in Jay from our first year to this year, I would have to say is his presence in the pocket. This guy is doing amazing things as far as how he controls the safeties with his shoulders and his eyes, and being able to read coverages. Sometimes you get a lot of talent in the league, guys who can make big plays and run fast and throw hard, but very seldom can you get a package of a guy who can do all that and read coverages and tell everyone what they've got on every single play, even the defense. I think he's a special guy and I think he's our guy forever."

On the decision to go for two against San Diego
"I think what helped was making the decision early. (QB) Jay (Cutler) came in and said, 'Hey guys, we've got a long way to go, but once we score we're going for two.' I just think it shows what we're capable of doing and shows the whole NFL that we come to win every game. It was one of those games where our backs were against the wall and we didn't want to go into overtime, we just wanted to get it over with."

On the amount of offensive plays against San Diego
"As far as the offense goes, we had 80 reps and I had 74 myself, and that's one busy day. That helped a lot, being able to end the game when we did. All we can do now is just forget about Weeks 1 and 2 and get ready for Week 3 and prepare like we did the past two weeks."

On if he expects Head Coach Mike Shanahan to be a riverboat gambler every week
"Every situation is different, but that was definitely a great call by Coach and a call that everyone will remember."

On how QB Jay Cutler has handled being in the 'shadow of John Elway'
"Jay is a guy who just plays for the team. He's not a selfish person, and this guy can be all over the place as far as commercials, the typical Hollywood type of guy, the quarterback. But he's a guy who's not selfish and does everything that's best for the team. Even if it's taking away from himself and what he wants to do, and I think that helps a lot. It really doesn't come down to the numbers with him. It just comes down to the win and loss columns. That's why we love him and that's why he's our guy and that's why he's going to be the best."

On QB Jay Cutler's arm strength and if he's broken any fingers
"No, knock on wood. I have this little joke where we have some off time in practice and he wants to go to the side and get some more reps and throw the ball. I try to run away and he's like, 'Where are you going?' and I'm like, 'You throw too hard, man!' I only want to catch the balls when I have to. So to answer your question, he throws a hard ball."

On how whether his suspension was humbling
"Like I've said before, that's my past and I want to move on, but to answer your question, the main thing it showed me is that this game is going to be played with or without me. Everybody's replaceable. You've got a guy like Eddie Royal come in and he does what he did, and it's amazing to see that this game is bigger than me and it's going to be here now and after I retire and when I'm long gone. So that was the biggest thing for me. I'm a guy that's usually humble anyway, but it just opened my eyes a little bit wider."

On if he has any regrets
"You know what? Like I said I'm the same person. If anyone asks me what I'm doing differently, I'm still doing the same things. I just had to change some things in my life, some people I was dealing with, and I think the whole world knows what I'm talking about. It's just one of those things where I'm a nice guy and I'm going to continue to be me. I'm going to continue to do the work I've done in the community, and I have no regrets at all. Because if I didn't go through what I went through, I wouldn't be the man I am today and the man I'm going to be in the future. We make mistakes and all you've got to do is learn from them and grow, and sometimes those mistakes make you a stronger person. That's exactly what it's made me -- much wiser."

On if the Denver Broncos snuck up on some people
"I guess it's one of those things where the so-called experts have their picks, and we just stay humble as an organization. It's fine with us to be under the radar, but if you look at the past 10-13 years it's been an organization that's competed every year and been in the playoffs. We just had two down years and we're not going to stay down for long. That's something we have to do now, just prove to the National Football League and the fans and everybody watching that we're a team that's going to come play every Sunday, and we're going to compete, whether it's the New England Patriots or the New York Giants."

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