Behind Enemy Lines: Jacksonville Jaguars

Broncos Update columnist Michael John Schon goes head to head with JagNation editor Charlie Bernstein for all the latest information, scoops and predictions for Sunday's matchup at Invesco Field. Check out what the experts had to say Behind Enemy Lines...

MJS: Ok, so if you look at the stats, Denver's offense should dominate Jacksonville's "D" but Garrard and Co. got a shot to run the table on the Broncos weak defense. Then again stats don't always tell the whole story as we saw in last year's 23-14 beatdown by Jacksonville. Am I getting jacked again in this one or will it be close - within the 3 – 3 1/2 that Vegas is laying down.

CB: Once again, on paper the Broncos should win by 10 or more points. The Jacksonville defense can't get pressure, they are missing Reggie Nelson and Rob Meier, and the linebackers haven't been playing well. Offensively, the Jaguars will be missing their best wide receiver, former teammate of Brandon Marshall's, Mike Walker. If the Broncos sell out to stop the run, they should win easily. If the Jaguars find some running room expect the game to be in doubt until the final possession.

MJS: What's the latest on Jerry Porter and do you expect any significant playing time this Sunday, and if so, how much of an impact can he have coming off the hamstring surgery? Also what's the status of CB Drayton Florence?

CB: Jerry Porter has been a medical enigma thus far following his hamstring surgery. Nobody really knows how far along he is, and he has played sparingly the last two weeks and has made no difference. I wouldn't expect him to do much on Sunday. As for Florence, he's listed as probable, but he's been terrible so far in a Jaguars uniform.

MJS: Let's assume the obvious, Jacksonville gonna bust out the cover two defense that worked so well for the Buccaneers last week. Does Jacksonville have the strength to pull this off or does Del Rio have another slant to try and slow down Cutler and the Broncos high-powered offense?

CB: The Jags have played cover two for years, and that is their more natural defense. Gregg Williams showed up this year and tried to institute more of a pressure type of defense which the Jaguars don't really have the personnel to play. Expect to see a lot of cover two.

MJS: So, we're five games into the 2008 season now, what the biggest difference between David Garrard in 2007 and the David Garrard that's headed into Invesco Field this Sunday, besides the size of his wallet?

CB: Jaguars fans are hoping that David Garrard isn't a one-year wonder, but the jury is still out. Garrard has been tentative with the football and has made mistakes, something he didn't do a year ago. He doesn't throw the deep ball well and the Jaguars are successfully shrinking their own field on offense. Garrard has the physical ability to be elite, but I'm not sure if he's mentally there.

MJS: Although it's still pretty early into the season, this seems like a statement game for both teams. Given the past history between these two I'm having a hard time laying three on Denver for this one. Tell me which way you're leaning and given a choice, who's got the hotter cheerleaders?

CB: As some of you may know I've never been one to shy away from making a wager. That said, this game is troubling to me. I can easily see a way in which the Broncos cover with all of those offensive weapons and the injuries to the Jacksonville secondary. That said, I believe the Jaguars have an advantage on special teams and if they can run the football this can be an ugly, sloppy game. If I had to bet my mortgage, I take Denver and give the points.

As for the hottest cheerleaders, I can assure you that Jacksonville is not anywhere near the top, in fact they have the worst cheerleaders I've seen in the NFL. Usually the warm weather teams are the "hottest," Miami, Tampa Bay, San Diego, and Houston, but don't underestimate Philadelphia and Washington. Denver has a fine crew that certainly adds to the homefield advantage in the thin air.

Charlie Bernstein is the Editor-in-Chief of Sports Media Interactive, covering multiple teams in the National Football League, NCAA, and National Basketball Association. Charlie is a regular syndicated contributor to FoxSports and Sirius NFL Radio, and has been featured on the NFL Network. Charlie is also a member of the Pro Football Writers of America.

Michael John Schon has covered the National Football League and the Denver Broncos for the past ten years. As a member of the Pro Football Writers Association he has published and syndicated columns to newspapers and magazines throughout the United States and Canada. His syndicated radio broadcast: "Schon Live" airs weekly on various radio stations around the country.

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