Schon: NFL Picks Week Six

I'm mixing up my stategy this week... tossing in a little Coors Lite in the mix. We'll see what happens. For whatever reason I'm still going with Denver - sooner or later it's bound to payoff.

SAINTS (-7) over the Faiders
Does Oaktown even have a coach right now?

Ravens (+4.5) over INDY
I'm giving Indy my "Most Surprising Trainwreck of the Year" award.

JETS (-5.5) over the Bengals
When in doubt - you gotta roll with the guy in Wranglers.

Panthers (+1.5) over BUCS
This one's a flip of the coin. I probably spent about 2 ½ seconds analyzing it.

FALCONS (+2.5) over Bears
I spent even less time on this one…

VIKINGS (-13) over the Lions
I'm at the point I'd lay 13 on almost anyone over the Lions

Miami (+3) over HOUSTON
Just thinking about – Ricky Williams thinking about – hitting the bong, and I had to hit Taco Bell… it must be a sign.

BRONCOS (-3) over the Jags
I'll probably get burned again on this one, but I got a feeling the bad haircut's going to come through

SKINS (-13.5) over the Rams
Almost a no-brainer, which is real fortunate for me.

Philly (-4.5) over SAN FRANCISCO
Brian Westbrook's got two busted ribs and I'm still picking Philly – I must be out of my mind… again.

Dallas (-5.5) over AZ
Tell me again how the whole Matt Lienart thing's working out?

SEATTLE (-2) over Packers
Just met this really hot Packers fan and even she can't get behind the Aaron Rogers debacle. By the way, thanks for the pics - a Packers fan with tan lines... that's a new one.

SAN DIEGO (-6) over the Pats
Norv Turner's dying to lay it out on Belichick

Peyton's Brother (-8) over the BROWNS
At least there's one Manning keeping it together on the field.

Last Week – 6-6-1
Season 40-31-2

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