Broncos v. Jaguars Report Card

How did the Denver Broncos grade out in their 24-17 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday?

PASSING OFFENSE: C-minus -- Injuries to Eddie Royal, Tony Scheffler and Brandon Stokley really hurt Denver's passing game. Jay Cutler forced passes to Brandon Marshall, and the Broncos didn't break 200 yards passing. Marshall had 98 yards receiving, Stokley had 29 before he suffered a concussion, and nobody else had more than 20.

RUSHING OFFENSE: B -- Michael Pittman had a good game in place of Selvin Young, who was out with a groin injury. He carried 20 times for 109 yards and could remain the starter. His game was the best for a Broncos tailback all year. Andre Hall, the backup, didn't get a carry. Pittman was stuffed on a key fourth-and-1, but he didn't have much blocking.

PASS DEFENSE: D -- Opponents are completing more than 70 percent of their passes against the Broncos, and foes are racking up plenty of big plays, as Denver has only two interceptions all season. Given those numbers, it's surprising the Broncos sit at 4-2. David Garrard had a good day, spreading the ball around, finding open receivers and getting a big 30-yard touchdown pass to Marcedes Lewis.

RUSH DEFENSE: D -- Fred Taylor hardly played after taking a hard shot from Denver's Nate Webster on Jacksonville's first drive, but that just led to a big day for Maurice Jones-Drew. Jones-Drew rushed for 125 yards with a long touchdown, and he helped move the chains in the fourth quarter. The Broncos have made an effort to improve against the run, but they now rank 26th in the NFL in rushing defense.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B -- Glenn Martinez had a good punt return to set up Denver's second touchdown. Matt Prater hit his only field-goal attempt, and the rest of the day was solid for the Broncos' special teams.

COACHING: C -- There were plenty of mistakes that the coaches can't be blamed for, including three turnovers. They also couldn't control the injuries at receiver, which left the Broncos short-handed. The only questionable decision was going for it on fourth-and-1 near the end of the first half instead of trying a 47-yard field goal, but even that call can be justified. The Broncos simply didn't play well enough Sunday to beat Jacksonville.

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