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The Broncos continue preparations for their game against quarterback Chad Pennington (in photo) and the New York Jets on Sunday. Read about it in today's story links.

Bronco pays for a block - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Friday, December 06, 2002 - One play cost San Diego Chargers defensive tackle Jamal Williams his season and cost Denver Broncos guard Steve Herndon a paycheck.

Droughns doing well with whatever is needed - Denver Post - Patrick Saunders
Friday, December 06, 2002 - If Reuben Droughns were a baseball player, he would be a utility infielder. If he were a basketball player, he would be the sixth man. Holding penalties rare for opponents - Denver Post - Adam Schefter
Friday, December 06, 2002 - Hold on. Something is unusual when the Denver Broncos are called for penalties, but opponents are not.

Cocky? Yes, but Portis delivers - Rocky Mountain News - Lynn DeBruin
December 6, 2002 - What was this, Clinton Portis doing his best Ricky Williams impersonation? It certainly looked that way when the Denver Broncos rookie pulled on his helmet, complete with tinted eye shield, before meeting with reporters Wednesday.

Rush-hour traffic - Rocky Mountain News - Clay Latimer
December 6, 2002 - What could be more alarming for an NFL defensive tackle than the sight of St. Louis Rams running back Marshall Faulk on the loose? Lional Dalton couldn't think of much, until the Denver Broncos veteran saw the Miami Dolphins' Ricky Williams - dark visor, dreadlocks and all - churning toward him.

Defense aims to make amends- Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
December 6, 2002 - Before LaDainian Tomlinson, there was Corey Dillon. And awaiting the Denver Broncos after both - the New York Jets at the Meadowlands. On Oct. 22, 2000, Cincinnati's Dillon churned out an NFL-record 278 yards rushing, the last 200-yard rushing game against the Broncos until Sunday.

Herndon's hit renews talk about offensive line's tactics- Rocky Mountain News - Lee Rasizer
December 6, 2002 - Only seedy 1-900 numbers perpetually inspire more dirty talk than the Denver Broncos offensive line. It happened last season, after the unit racked up at least $102,941 in fines for various infractions.

How the Broncos and Jets match up- Rocky Mountain News
December 6, 2002 - Clinton Portis needs only 5 yards to reach the 1,000-yard mark and continues to get better and better, as evidenced by his 159 yards last week.

QB Pennington has Jets back in playoff contention- Daily Camera - Ryan Thorburn
r December 6, 2002 - As the Denver Broncos' training camp opened, Ray Rhodes revealed that he had packed his playbook for a Caribbean cruise with his wife. His excuse? That the once-feared St. Louis Rams offense was already consuming his thoughts.

With heat on, Chad still cool - New York Daily News - Rich Cimini
December 6, 2002 - Chad Pennington The Jets practiced yesterday in the climate-controlled comfort of their indoor bubble. When it was over, the players and coaches hurried back to the locker room, roughly a 100-yard trek through the snow and wind. Everybody, that is, except Chad Pennington and Vinny Testaverde. Pennington wanted to acclimate himself to the wintry conditions, so he grabbed a ball and asked Testaverde to join him.

Griese stumbling, bumbling his way back- New York Daily News - Lisa Olson
December 6, 2002 - Brian Griese stumbled over Steve Herndon's fat arse yesterday and is listed as questionable for Sunday's game against the Jets. If you believe that, you probably believe a golden retriever clipped Griese from behind, sent him barreling down a flight of stairs, ate his playbook and shredded his vintage John Elway jersey.

Time to Hand Ball to Martin- Newsday - Bob Herzog
December 6, 2002 - The Jets and Curtis Martin do not expect to duplicate the success the Chargers and LaDainian Tomlinson had against the Broncos' No. 1-rated run defense last Sunday. However, they don't expect to duplicate Martin's disappearing act against the Raiders on Monday night, either.

Edwards Praises Beasley for Turning Corner- Newsday - Bob Herzog
December 6, 2002 - Coach Herman Edwards went to the blackboard yesterday to diagram for reporters an exceptional effort that cornerback Aaron Beasley made Monday night when he jarred a ball loose from Oakland's Tim Brown for an incompletion.

Jets count on Martin to carry them to playoffs- New York Post - Mark Cannizzaro
December 6, 2002 -- The weather outside is frightful and the Jets' running game, at the moment, is hardly delightful. That needs to change Sunday at Giants Stadium, where the 6-6 Jets will play host to the 7-5 Broncos in a game Gang Green have to win to keep their flickering playoff hopes aflame.

Herm's honeymoon over- New York Post - Steve Serby
December 6, 2002 -- The media sharks smell blood and are circling around a head coach who shouldn't have to swim for his life.

Battered Beasley nursin' headache- New York Post - Mark Cannizzaro
December 6, 2002 -- Aaron Beasley played one of his best games as a Jet Monday night in Oakland, but unfortunately his most vivid memory might be the jarring blow to the head he took while taking on Raider TE Roland Williams.

Building from Misery: 'D' Applies Lessons from Loss- - Andrew Mason
Dec. 5, 2002 - Being a part of a defense that yields over 200 yards to a receiver or running back is disheartening enough of an experience to bring even the strongest person down.

Fantasy Focus: Jets' Improving Run 'D' Poses Threat- - Andrew Mason
Dec. 5, 2002 - Denver's run defense took a pounding against the San Diego Chargers. But thanks to Clinton Portis' career-high 159 yards and two touchdowns on the ground, so too did the Chargers against the run.

Back From the Brink: Montgomery Sheds Brace, Hopes to Play- - Andrew Mason
Dec. 4, 2002 - In three years in the NFL, Scottie Montgomery has never lacked for focus. Without it, one couldn't go from the realm of the overlooked -- the annual day-after-draft pool of rookie free agents -- to being released by the then-middling Carolina Panthers to becoming a vital part of the Broncos' game plans on special teams and as a fourth wide receiver.

Jets: Dead or Alive?- - Sports Nation
Dec. 4, 2002 - Dead in the water. Flatlined. No shot. Wait 'til next year. On ESPN Radio this week, John Clayton said the five AFC teams with a 6-6 record -- the Jets, Bills, Ravens, Browns, and Chiefs -- are out of the running for a playoff spot. But we bet that fans of those teams believe that reports of their demise have been greatly exaggerated.

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