Schon: NFL Picks Week Seven

Do you know how hard it is to get pumped up over a Monday Night matchup with Matt Cassel and the New England Patriots, when you've got a defense like Denver's?

Ok, so this one's a makeup after last week's meltdown. Honestly, I probably couldn't have done any worse if I'd let my daughter throw out the picks. Zona in a smackdown – who would have thought?

Anyway – here it goes – don't hold your breath…

Titans (-9) over the CHIEFS - W
Dallas (-7) over St. Louis - L
BUFFALO (PK) over the Chargers - W
Pitt (-9.5) over the BENGALS - W
Miami (-3) over Ravens - L
BEARS (-3) over the Vikes - W
CAROLINA (-3) over the Saints - W
NYG (-10.5) over the Niners - W
TEXANS (-9.5) over the Lions - L
Colts (-1.5) over the PACKERS - L
Brett Favre (-3) over AL DAVIS - L
Browns (+7.5) over the SKINS - W
Seattle (+10.5) over TAMPA BAY - W

Monday Night Football
Broncos (+3.5) over PATRIOTS

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