Schon: NFL Picks Week Eight

Realizing that this is the craziest season in recent memory, I'm busting it all out on Week Eight. Don't bet the kids lunch money...

A couple of weeks ago I actually thought I had a handle on this... then came the meltdown in Week Six and I've been on the rebound ever since. Now here we are in Week Eight, I'm having a bad hair day, and I think Zona is my new favorite team.

At least I'm not getting burned on the Broncos... I'm taking the bye week and giving up the points.

BALTIMORE (-7) over Raiders - W
Zona (+4) over CAROLINA - T
DALLAS (-2.5) over Bucs - W
LIONS (+8) over the Skins - T
DOLPHINS (+1.5) over Bills - W
Rams (+7.5) over PATRIOTS - W
Chargers (-3.5) over Saints - L
Chiefs (+13.5) over JETS - W
Falcons (+9) over EAGLES - W
JAGUARS (-7) over the Browns- L
TEXANS (-9) over Bengals- W
Giants (+3) over PITT- W
NINERS (-5) over the Seahawks - L
TITANS (-3.5) over Peyton Manning - W

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