Broncos v. Dolphins Report Card

Check out the grades for the Denver Broncos' 26-17 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

REPORT CARD VS. DOLPHINS PASSING OFFENSE: D -- Jay Cutler threw for 300 yards, but his three interceptions gave Miami 13 points. One of his interceptions was returned for a touchdown. Cutler looks as if he is feeling a lot of pressure to carry the team, and he is forcing many passes. If the Broncos are going to dig out of their slump, Cutler has to play better.

RUSHING OFFENSE: F -- Only once in franchise history have the Broncos run for fewer than the 14 yards they gained against Miami. Michael Pittman aggravated a stinger injury early in the game. He gamely tried to play through it but wasn't effective. Ryan Torain only got a few carries because the Broncos were in passing situations and he isn't ready for that role. Denver has plenty of injuries at tailback, so it won't be easy to rebound in the running game.

PASS DEFENSE: C-minus -- Denver wasn't that bad in the passing game, but the decision to play off Greg Camarillo led to Camarillo grabbing 11 passes for 111 yards. The Broncos did take Ted Ginn out of the game, which was their plan. They also got an interception, their first in almost a month. Two long receptions by Miami TBs Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams put the game away for the Dolphins.

RUSH DEFENSE: A-minus -- The Broncos were not very good against the run before Sunday, when they held Miami to 2.6 yards per attempt. That includes a 30-yard run by Brown. Denver sold out to stop the run, and that plan worked pretty well.

SPECIAL TEAMS: B -- Eddie Royal's 95-yard kickoff return to Miami's 5-yard line was Denver's longest in 10 years, and it helped get the Broncos back in the game. The drawback on special teams was Matt Prater missing only his second field-goal attempt of the year.

COACHING: D -- The Broncos looked disjointed on offense. Defensively, they're selling out to take something away but leaving something open. Against the Dolphins, Greg Camarillo was open most of the game because of the defensive plan. The Broncos are in a tailspin, having lost four of five games.

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