Schon: NFL Picks Week Eleven

Tatum Bell's back with the Broncos, but is it enough to turn the corner against Atlanta, whose giving up six?

The Raiders are a mess; Indy's dropping fast and the Lions are… well the Lions. Lot of points dished out for the dogs this week, especially Carolina laying 14.5 over the Motor City. Tough call on the Bears – Packers and Niners – Rams, but I'm rolling with Chi-Town and Mike Singletary, I must be crazy…

ATLANTA (-6) over the Broncos - L
DOLPHINS (-10.5) over Raiders - L
Ravens (+7) over GIANTS - L
Texans (+8.5) over COLTS - W
Bears (+3.5) over GREEN BAY - L
Titans (-2.5) over the JAGS - W
Philly (-9) over BENGALS - L
Saints (-5.5) over CHIEFS - W
PANTHERS (-14.5) over the Lions - L
STEELERS (-5) over the Chargers - L
NINERS (-6) over Rams - W
Cardinals (-3) over SEAHAWKS - W
BUCS (-4) over Vikings - W
Cowboys (-1) over REDSKINS - W
BILLS (+5) over the Browns

Last Week - 8-5

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