Coach's Corner - Mike Shanahan

Denver Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan addressed the media immediately following Sunday's 24-20 win over the Atlanta Falcons. Check out the full transcripts.

Mike Shanahan

Opening Remarks
"We played a really good football team today. Obviously, it was a hard fought game on both sides of the ball. The first drive we were able to score. I thought that they really came up and stopped us on one, two, three and four. It was an excellent rushing offensive team. We were fortunate to step up the way that we did, especially since we had a lost a few of our guys. We fought back and played the rushing defense that we wanted. They were an excellent running offensive football team. I was very pleased. Our special teams made a couple of big plays there. We made some big strides. Normally, you go the other direction when you have your starters out. The guys that we asked to play special teams really stepped up and found a way to win."

What about having to plug guys in the running back position?
"We were trying to keep our guys fresh. The key was holding on to the football. We had enough drives going in that first half. Our guys went in there and got the ball going. I think that we had the ball three times the second half. We had some pretty impressive drives. We were stalled a few times after that first drive."

Back-ups always have to step up due to injuries. How impressed were you that you were able to have the entire collection of guys respond the way that they did?
"Everyone has good players in the National Football League. Very seldom do you have first-year players that are playing in that back-up position. It is very critical for them because they are in that position. It feels pretty good to have guys step up that have really not played in the National Football League. I feel good about them and their future."

What was the reason behind letting Spencer (Larsen) make history like he did?
"One of the reasons why that I kept you out of the loop for about 30 minutes is that I can't trust you guys in Denver. You write about stuff all the time so I had Spencer Larsen in a white jersey all week pretending like he is fullback and tired of the middle linebacker position. I am zero for three with the Denver media when we have a different jersey on a guy. It always comes out who is starting next week. We did that for obvious game plan reasons."

Could you talk about (Peyton) Hillis who made the winning catch on the touchdown drive?
"It was great. He has excellent hands. He may have the best hands on the football team. We caught the coverage that we were hoping to catch. They did a great job of coming off and making the play. He has string hands and found a way to make that catch."

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