Broncos v. Raiders Report Card

Check out how the Broncos graded in their loss to the Oakland Raiders.

PASSING OFFENSE: D-minus -- Jay Cutler had the worst completion percentage of his career and didn't have a touchdown pass for the first time all season. The Broncos tried several deep passes against CB Chris Johnson with very little luck. The receivers are partially to blame, as none made a big play on the ball despite having chances. Cutler's fourth-quarter interception was the final blow for Denver.

RUSHING OFFENSE: C -- Peyton Hillis had a solid game with 74 yards on 17 carries, including a fourth-down touchdown run. The Broncos never really established the running game, however, against a very poor rushing defense. Denver has and will probably continue to rely on its passing game this season.

PASS DEFENSE: D -- JaMarcus Russell, who had completed a little better than 50 percent of his passes coming in, connected on 10 of his 11 attempts against Denver. Ashley Lelie's 51-yard catch over Dre Bly was one of the biggest plays of the game, a momentum-changer for the Raiders. Denver didn't get much pressure on Russell and didn't make many plays in the secondary.

RUSH DEFENSE: D -- Justin Fargas and Darren McFadden wore on the Broncos as the game went on, and the Raiders finished with 158 yards as a team. McFadden had a pair of touchdowns. The Broncos did allow less than 4 yards per carry, but the Raiders ran the ball well enough to keep the chains moving.

SPECIAL TEAMS: F -- Matt Prater's two missed field goals in the first half hurt Denver's momentum, and Johnnie Lee Higgins' 89-yard punt return in the second quarter changed the tone of the game. Denver was unable to make any big plays on special teams to match Higgins' long gain.

COACHING: F -- The coaching staff had done a fine job in recent weeks, but losing by three touchdowns to 2-8 Oakland at home was inexcusable. The offensive plan didn't work, and the special teams had some major letdowns. Denver's defense didn't play well, but the offense didn't help much, especially in the second half.

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