Schon: Thanksgiving Day Picks

Can you imaging spending Thanksgiving in the bitter cold, facing an angry group of Philly fans?

There's nothing like getting up early on Thanksgiving Day to bust out the picks for what will more than likely be the most boring games of the entire season. Given the option, I suppose I should have started drinking…

Titans (-10.5) over LIONS
There ought to be a law about being force-fed an 0-11 Lions team at 9:30 am PST. on a holiday.

COWBOYS (-13) over Seahawks
Thirteen is a lot to give up – but these are the Seahawks we're talking about and Holmgren's apparently just going through the motions till he can bail.

Cardinals (+3) over EAGLES
I'm still rolling on the Cards bandwagon – at least until they get blown out the postseason.

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