Schon: NFL Picks Week Thirteen

Ok... so it's Brett Favre vs. Jay Cutler. Somehow I gotta bad feeling on how this one's gonna end up. Either way, it got to be better than Thursday's sleepers.

Welcome to Week 13... the Broncos are headed into the Big Apple and it's anybody's guess who's showing up. Cutler against Favre, it could be the matchup of the week, or it could be a complete clusterbust... I'm having a hard time with the Raiders and the Chiefs – both are legitimate contenders for bust of the year but i gotta roll with the home town in the Black Hole. Also - look out for Manning in Cincy – they're on the rebound – not that it means that much – but I'll give P a five point edge at this stage.

JETS (-9) over the Broncos
BILLS (-6.5) over SF
BUCS (-4) over the Saints
PACKERS (-3) over the Panthers
Giants (-3.5) over the SKINS
Ravens (-7) over CINCY
Miami (+8.5) over the RAMS
Colts (-5) over the BROWNS
Falcons (+4.5) over SAN DIEGO
Steelers (+1) over the PATS
RAIDERS (-3) over KC
VIKINGS (-3.5) over da Bears
Jaguars (+3.5) over the TEXANS

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