Schon: Denver Broncos Game News and Notes

It's a battle in the Big Apple as Jay Cutler and the Denver Broncos take on Brett Favre and the New York Jets. Follow all the action as Broncos Update columnist Michael Schon shares all his News and Notes as they happen.


So the matchup arrives – it'll be interesting to see how Jay Cutler bounces back from last week's debacle… Body language is certainly not his specialty. Don't be surprised if Favre lights it up in this one – With Bailey on the bench, Denver's secondary's an easy target. Then again, so is the D line – take your pick.

Here's the game day inactives for the Broncos – Marlon McCree, CB Champ Bailey, RB Selvin Young, FB Andrew Pinnock, LB D.J. Williams, LB Nate Webster, DT Nic Clemons and DE Tim Crowder.

Kickoff's just around the dcorner, grab something cold, strap it on and get ready to roll…

1st Quarter
It's pouring rain, it's chilly and Brett Farve starts it out at his own 20. Not real impressive but considering the conditions it's not suprising. Jets go three and out and it's a quick punt – Broncos take it with some decent field position at their own 30. Cutler to Royal picks up a few – Hillis off tackle busts it past midfield for a 19-yard gain. More Hillis – down near the Jets 40 but it stalls. Kern sends it inside the New York 20 and it's take 2 for Favre and the boys.

Jets are working the ground game but the Broncos D is holding tight. Favre's one of the best in business at drawing the D offsides – it works again – Jets are starting to move it and nearing the 40. Oh boy – here it goes – Wildcat formation and the exchange gets jacked – ball squirts loose and Vernon Fox waltzes 23-yards into the end zone for a Denver touchdown. The crowd is stunned – Jets challenge – no go, recovery of a fumble in the field of play are not reviewable. Broncos take a quick 7-0 lead.

Prater for the kick – Leon Washington on a great return – 31-yards as Prater knocks him out of bounds. Thomas Jones off the right side goes untouched – 59-yards and it's a 7-7 tie in a matter of seconds. That'll make the highlight reel... Nice slap in the face – give Mangini some credit - brilliant call.

Decent return by Royal – moves it out to the 28. Quick toss to Scheffler and back to the ground with Hillis and Denver's got a first down. Out of the shotgun - Cutler to Royal on the sidelines and Royal breaks the tackle – 59-yards later the Broncos are back on top. Jets challenge that he stepped out – over ruled – AGAIN – Broncos lead 14-7 with 6:44 left in the first. Nice watching Ty Law getting schooled by a rookie – here comes the shootout…

Rain continues and Favre's gunning it – pass is incomoplete and the Jets march backwards with an offensive holding penalty. Back to the ground and Denver holds tight – Josh Shaw is injured on the play. It doesn't look good – here comes the cart – looks like it might be a wrist or shoulder problem. Jets are out of sync – it's another three and out and Denver takes possession at their own 41.

You gotta love Peyton Hillis – up the middle for a nice 19 – Denver's on the move in Jets territory. Cutler to Marshall keeps it rolling – another 19-yard pick up as Cutler connects with Chad Jackson. Back to ground game with Hillis and he's down to the 3 – spoiled by offensive holding and we'll move it back. They're mixing it up now – good combo of pass and run – and it's 3rd and goal from the 7 – Cutler calls time. JC looks for Marshall in the end zone – Jets are blatantly holding but there's no call. Prater takes the field and FINALLY connects inside the 50 – Broncos remain on top 17-7.

Favre and the Jets start it at the 24 and move it near midfield with a quick toss to Dustin Keller – chains move to their own 41. Broncos stuff the ground game – loss of two – I think I'm delirious – Denver's actually playing defense… first quarter comes to a close.

2nd Quarter
It's a quick 10 on the ground and I think I spoke too soon. New York's got a first and ten from the 44. Favre adds on another 15-yards with a perfect toss to Jerrico Cotchery. Jones on the ground – appears to be tackled but then gets up and goes untouched to the end zone. Replays show he rolled over Kenny Peterson but never actually touched the ground – so the play continued as Denver stood around dumbfounded. Shanny challenges – ruling on the field stands and it's a New York touchdown. PAT cuts the Broncos lead 17-13.

Denver's drive starts at the 17 – quick toss to Royal picks up 8-yards. Hillis adds 6 on the ground and it's a Denver first down. Cutler to Graham adds three and they's starting to chip away at it. Out of the shotgun to Jackson down the middle – less than a yard for another first. Hillis gets stuffed at the line and it brings up 4th down. Chains show its less than one foot but it's not worth the gamble. Kern rolls it out at the Jets 19 and Favre and Co. take the field as the rains starts to slow.

New Yorks starting to move – Favre connects with Citchery for a nice 10-yard pick up. First and ten from the 31 – Favre airs it out – Dre Bly INTERCEPTION – Broncos take possession on their own 32.

Cutler to Marshall across the middle – pass is broken up. Out of the shotgun to Marshall again moves the chains. Hillis bounces off the line and grabs his third 19-yard gain – ball is moved to the New York 37. Back to Hillis for a quick five. Rollout toss to Graham and it's another first down at the 24. Coming across the middle Cutler hits Scheffler – dragged down at the goal line. It's Broncos football at its best – Peyton Hillis tops it off and the Broncos stretch it out to a ten-point advantage at 24-14.

Nice return by Leon Washington – Jets will start it at their own 39. Keeping it on the ground picks up a couple. Shotgun to Keller falls incomplete – it's third and 8 with 3:35 in the half. Back to the shotgun – guns it down the middle for Keller but it's overthrown and the Broncos get another shot from the sixteen.

Cutler finds Marshall – sweet dance and he moves it out near the 40 as we get the two-minute warning. Back to Graham it's moved to midfield. Cutler to Hillis coming across the middle – pass is incomplete but New York gets flagged for offsides and it'll be first and five from the 45. Easy toss to Stokley and it bounces off his hands. Across the middle to Marshall and it's back to back consecutives drops for Denver.

Third and five with .52 remaining in the half – Broncos call time. Cutler goes back to Stokley in double coverage – complete at the 36 – Broncos are out of time outs and spike it to buy some time. Out of the shotgun looking for Marshall in double coverage – Marshall breaks up what could have been a Jets INT. Back to Marshall - down to the 17 as the clock is winding down. Prater is called out with eight seconds remaining and splits the uprights – Denver holds a sweet lead with four second on the clock. Who would have thought…

The rain is back – and the clock expires. Broncos stand pretty at 27-14. 230-yardsd passing in the first half for JC - it's a world of difference from last week.

3rd Quarter
Broncos start the second half off at the 30. Cutler to Royal – reverses direction and picks up a quick six. Hillis up the middle for the first. Another deep ball to Marshall – broken up. Cutler to Darrell Jackson – incomplete and it brings up third and ten from the 43. Screen to Graham picks up nine and it's one-yard shy at midfield. Kern to punt – high snap – Kern gets it off and the ball rolls near the goal. Jets will take it at the two thanks to Karl Paymah batting it out of the endzone.

Jets challenge praying for a touchback – ruling on the field stands – ball rests at the 2 – and New York is out of challenges.

Favre hits hits Jones across the middle and Denver gets flagged for a facemask at the end of the play. That tacks on 15 from the end of the play and all of a sudden the Jets have moved it out to the 26. Favre to Keller – incomplete but more flags fly. Pass interference on Denver – automatic first down and in two plays the Jets are close to midfield thanks to stupid penalties.

Drive stall just shy of the 50 and on third and one the pass is incomplete. New York's going for it. Favre to pass – everyone's covered and he's dropped just short of the first – Denver will take over with excellent field position.

JC's on a roll – hits Scheffler across the middle and it's moved down to the 35. Hillis adds a few on the ground and the rookie gets closer to his first 100-yard game. Back to the air – Graham grabs it and gets stopped at the 14. Hillis on the ground – off tackle and he goes untouched for the score – hang on – more flags. Broncos get tagged with offensive holding and it's brought back. First and 20 from the 25. Cutler to Royal gets a few back and the ball is down at the 17. Hillis gets stuffed at the line and it's third and thirteen. Cutler scrambles – looking for anyone – rifles it to the end zone and it's picked by Dwight Lowery – Jets will have it at their own 20.

Two quick Favre passes and New York nears the 35. Screen to Washington and he breaks it – 34-yards and Spenser Larson is down on the play. HUGE pick up for New York. Injury time out as they tend to Larsen. Favre out of the shotgun – Broncos blitz – complete to Washgington and he moves it down the 19 with Ebeneezer Ekuban down on the play – another injury time out. Shoulder injury for Ekuban – status uncertain. Back to Washington – this kid is amazing – inside the ten and Dre Bly is injured on the play. Looks like he got his ankle rolled up on – trainers help him off the field. New York's on fire and Denver's dropping like flies. First and goal at the seven. No gain as they keep it on the ground – no huddle and it's second and goal. Favre throws it away with nobody open. Broncos bring the heat and Dummerville strips Favre. Play is ruled an incompletion – Jay feely from the 30 – tack on three for NY and it's 27-17 with under 3:00 left in the quarter.

Royal takes the kick and it drops through his hands – fortunately he recovers and the Broncos start it at their 10. Cutler's a madman – scrambles near the goal and unleashes it to a triple covered Scheffler – somehow he threads it. Guess what? Another Bronco gets injured – Scheffler's limping it off – this is getting ridiculous. Ball sits at the 35 – Cutler to Marshall actually loses a yard and it's second and 11. Incomplete to Marshall down the sidelines. The field's in terrible shape with this rain. Incomplete to Hillis – Jets get flagged with delay of game as Eric Barton throws the ball away on the missed catch – tack on five but it's not enough – Kern's back out there. Nice hang time – 52-yard punt and the Jets take it inside the ten.

Jones on the ground breaks it open – first down at the 23. Jones again – back to back first down runs by Jones and NY holds it at the 36 as the quarter comes to a close.

4th Quarter
Favres continues to roll – complete to Stuckey and ANOTHER Bronco is down – Marquand Manuel. Broncos stuff it on the ground and the Jets are looking at third and three inside the 20. Bad pass to Bell falls incomplete – Jets are forced to go for it. Out of the shotgun – Favre scrambles – fires it to Cotchery on the sideline but it falls through his hands – Broncos take over on a short field.

Quick toss to Scheffler nets nine – Peyton Hillis for the first with an 8-yard pick up – he's got his first 100-yard game. Hillis again for a few. It's the trifecta and the Broncos inch closer – ball rests at the 36 on third and two. Cutler rolls out and finds a wide-open Stokley on a corner route – it's his third touchdown reception of the year and Denver stretches its lead 34-17 with 9:25 remaining. 357-yards through the air for Cutler at this stage – nice rebound.

Incomplete to Cotchery is followed up with a short toss to Keller for six. Third and four is dropped by Laveranues Cole – Jets are forced to punt as the crowd makes its way toward the exits.

Broncos drive starts at their own 15 – it's the Arkansas rookie for five on the ground. Back to Hillis for two and it's third and three. Jets blitz and it's incomplete to Stokley – underthrown – Denver goes three and out and New York gets a shot from the 33.

Favre's gunning it – deep ball to Coles comes up incomplete. Shotgun to Ferguson picks up seven – Broncos get flagged for illegal contact (Paymah) automatic first down at the 39. Favre unloads it to Keller – 20-yard pick up and the Jets are in Denver territory. Favre's got all sorts of time – connects with Coles and moves it to the 29. Deep to the end zone and it's broken up by Josh Bell. False start on NY moves it back five. Across the middle to Keller brings up third and four. Across the middle to Keller brings it to the 12 and gives New York another first down. Favre to Smith in the end zone is busted by Bly – screen to Smith moves it inside the five. It's interesting how every time the Jets try and roll out the hurry up offense – another Broncos player goes down to kill time. Favre to Stucky is broken up and its second and goal. Favre to Coles looses two bringing up third down. Incomplete to Cotchery and they're rolling with in on fourth and two. They're 0-2 so far on fourth downs – make that 0-3 - incomplete to Coles. Broncos take it at their own 4-yard line looking to kill 2:40 off the clock.

It seems like the longest 2:40 in history, but the Broncos walk it off with a nice 34-17 win – improve to 7-5 and once again beat a team no one expects them to. Figure that one out…

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